15th January 2019
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Date Event Deadline for registration
 Italian language courses – II sem 2018/1906 February
From 26 January to 23 FebruaryBovisa Candiani Library: special openings 
30 JanuaryArte e Scienza – Sport 2.0: tra big data e gestione del talento 
From 24 to 28 February"Snow week 2019 - Dolomiti" - Lista Aperta 
From 07 to 11 MarchLista Aperta - Belgium tour 
08 MarchCenacolo Vinciano & Santa Maria delle Grazie 
From 13 to 17 March2nd Svolta Break - by Svoltastudenti 
From 14 to 16 MarchLista Aperta - Trip to Copenhagen 
19 May PolimiRun Spring 2019: enrollment opened in a few days! 


News from the students’ representatives

DSU TICKETS UPDATE - Svoltastudenti

It is since some days that a new supermarket accepts tickets next to Leonardo, clicking on the link you will find more details. If you have any other suggestion about places that would be useful that accept tickets write us to our pages facebook or instagram or by email.

For information
e-mail: info@svoltastudenti.it


Renewal updates of BCL! - La Terna Sinistrorsa

Renewal of the Leonardo Campus Library continues! Some updates on the developments that will see the light during the next weeks: - The curtains will be reassembled on the windows: you can then go back to studying without melting! - The last tables still not equipped with electrical plugs will be wired - One of the rooms currently closed for works will be reopened - The demolition works in progress should be completed in these days The works will end in April, giving us back a renewed library with more spaces available! Link to the complete news attached

For information
e-mail: info@ternasinistrorsa.it



Arte e Scienza – Sport 2.0: tra big data e gestione del talento

30 January 2019

For the 'Arte e Scienza' cycle: meeting between Davide Mazzanti, coach of the Italian National Women Volleyball team,
and Piercesare Secchi, professor of Statistics at Politecnico di Milano.

The event will be held in italian.

Info and registration at www.eventi.polimi.it/events/arte-e-scienza-sport-2-0-tra-big-data-e-gestione-del-talento/?lang=en


TRACES: final event and exhibition

17 January 2019 - MUDEC
18 January 2019 - Politecnico di Milano - Galòleria del Progetto

The project TRACES ends, a research project coordinated by Politecnico di Milano, financed in 2016 by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 program. The project, through an innovative research methodology based on an artistic/ethnographic approach, has developed a systematic analysis of the challenges, opportunities and practices related to the transmission of past and controversial heritage in contemporary Europe.
The final conference entitled "Transmitting Contentious Cultural Heritages with the Arts" will take place over two days:  January 17 at the MUDEC and January 18 at Politecnico di Milano - Galleria del Progetto, where at the same time, will open the exhibition "Contentious Objects / Ashamed Subjects",  edited by Suzana Milevska and open to the public from 18 January to 26 February 2019.

For information :


Students initiatives

"Snow week 2019 - Dolomiti" - Lista Aperta

From 24 to 28 February 2019
Pedraces - Dolomiti

As the previous year Lista Aperta takes you to a 4 days skiing trip in most famous ski area in the world. It will be provided the DolomitiSuperski skipass, that makes you able to ski on all the dolomiti slopes. For further info and subscriptions visit our website.

For information


2nd Svolta Break - by Svoltastudenti

From 13 to 17 March 2019
Marilleva 1400

Marilleva 1400m it’s the perfect location for the winter break labeled Svoltastudenti. Treat yourself with an unforgettable experience: entire days spent on the mountains skiing with other 216 students of all courses and nationalities. There’s no better occasion to widen your cultural horizon and meet new people! BOOKINGS OPEN ON 17th JANUARY AT 12pm

For information
e-mail: svoltabreak@svoltastudenti.it


Cenacolo Vinciano & Santa Maria delle Grazie

8 Marzo 2019

Svoltastudenti, five hundred years after the death of one of the greatest figures in modern history, organizes a guided tour in the place symbolizing his activity as an artist: the Last Supper. The visit, about 90 minutes, will take you through the Basilica of Santa Maria delle Grazie to Leonardo's work, in a journey through time, history and art. Two time slots available: from 9 to 10.30 and from 13 to 14.30. Registration will open January 18 at 12! Do not miss!

For information
e-mail: riccardo.serra@svoltastudenti.it


Lista Aperta - Belgium tour

From 7 to 11 March 2019

Lista Aperta takes you to belgium from 7th to 11th of march. The trip is divided in two parts, one in which you will discover how the UE works, and another in which we will visit the most charateristic belgian cities. For further info and subscriprions visit our website.

For information


Lista Aperta - Trip to Copenhagen

From 14 to 16 March 2019

Lista Aperta invites you to a three-day trip to Copenhagen, discovering the sights and culture of the beautiful city of the North Europe. During the trip we will visit the most known places in the city. We will travel by plane. To know the full schedule and to subscribe visit our website.

For information


Cultural Activities

Special offers for theatres and concerts - January

For more details on shows and on how to purchase the tickets, please refer to the attachment.

We remind you that if you want to receive special offers and last minute updates on Polimi cultural events, please join the mailing list "Last Minute" by sending an email to serviziocultura@polimi.it.




POLITAMTAM__GENNAIO_2019.pdf [112.005 KB]


News from Libraries

Bovisa Candiani Library: special openings

The library will be open on Saturdays from 26 January to 23 February from 9 am to 5 pm



Exhibition “Il futuro di Milano. Il Politecnico e Città Studi”

18 December 2018 - 28 February 2019
from Monday to Friday, from 9.30 am to 1 pm and from 2.30 pm by appointment
Historical Archives Exhibition Area, Campus Bovisa, building B1, ground floor

The exhibition narrates the birth and development of the historic campus of the Politecnico in Città Studi through a series of drawings, photographs and documents starting from the laying of the foundation stone in 1915 to the construction of the Rectorate in Piazza Leonardo da Vinci and the buildings of the Faculties of Engineering and Architecture.
The exhibition concludes with two recent color plates by Renzo Piano about the works in progress in the Architecture campus in via Bonardi.



Specialist Reference service

One year ago in Leonardo Campus Library the service was activated: a librarian is available to provide support in bibliographic research, in using databases and electronic resources, in bibliography management, in researching cartographic materials, in thesis submission.
The service is available from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 4 pm.



Works in progress in BCL: update and changes in services

In Leonardo Campus Library we are still working to renovate the library.
From Thursday 17 January the first renovated room in the basement will be available for users (it ils the ex “periodicals room”)
To allow the ongoing works we can not avoid some changes in service. In particular:

1) from Tuesday 8 January the Historical Section in the basement of the library will be is closed due to the demolition of the wall separating the ex DAStU premises.
The materials stored in the Historical Section will be are accessible from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4 pm at the temporary circulation desk that you can access externally from the patio, in the basement
2) the books with shelfmark from BCA 000 to BCA 343 for several months have been temporarily moved into the stores, and they result as "not available". In case you need one of these books, please send a request to Ask@yourlibrary service, indicating the title, the author, the shelfmark and the inventory number.



Sport activities

PolimiRun Spring 2019: enrollment opened in a few days!

19 May 2019

PolimiRun Spring is the non-competitive and competitive 10 km race organized by Politecnico di Milano, and open to everybody.
In 2019 the funds raised from enrollments will be used for the construction of the new Politecnico Campus of Architecture: the project - born from an idea of Renzo Piano - does not only include new classrooms and new work, study and leisure spaces for the students of our University, but it also aims to build a new portion of the city with innovative living spaces open to citizens.

There will be 15,000 bibs available and our goal is clear: reach at least € 150,000 to finance the new campus. Help us to make it real!

The race will be held on Sunday 19 May, we will start at 9.30 from the Bovisa La Masa campus and we will arrive in Piazza Leonardo Da Vinci, crossing the city of Milan as usual, on a route full of surprises!

Registration will open mid-January 2019.

Stay tuned on our social channels @PolimiSport not to lose the announcement of the opening, for the last PolimiRun Winter we went into SOLD OUT - finishing the 1000 available places - in just 6 hours!

Registration fees will be *:
• € 10 from the registration open until 28/01;
• € 15 from 29/01 to 17/03;
• € 20 from 18/03 to 10/05.

* registrations will be open while seats last.

Even the non-competitive race will be timed with a chip on the race bib.
For the competitive race, you need to be FIDAL card members or you need to have a RUNCARD.

For information:


Running Politecnico is here: never stop running!

Running two PolimiRun per year is not enough to be a real PolimiRunner, at Politecnico you can run all year with Running Polimi: organized trainings and free running reserved for students and employees of our University.
Train with your classmates and with the support of a professional coach, on the athletics track of the Giuriati Sports Center in Via Pascal 6 in Milan.
When? From January 14th, every Monday and Wednesday in the morning at 7.30 am or during lunch break at 1pm: go and sign up now at the Giuriati reception, with a small fee of € 5.
To participate, it is also necessary to have the Politecnico Sport Card.
If you prefer to run by yourself, the athletics track of Giuriati is waiting for you: train in complete freedom, it is needed - as always - the Sport Card.
Info about Sport membership
The Politecnico Sport Card has a cost of € 20: to register, just go to the Giuriati's reception (from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm) with an italian medical certificate with electrocardiogram and a document declaring your subscription to Politecnico, or you can follow the online procedure you find by clicking here.
If you do not have the certificate, the medical examination is free! You can book it directly at the Giuriati reception or online.
What are you waiting for? Run at the Giuriati Sports Center to register for the trainings with our coaches: we are waiting for you!


Opportunities and benefits

Italian language courses – II sem 2018/19

Deadline for registration: 6 February 2019

Four levels offered: absolute beginner, beginner, elementary and intermediate. Attendance: 2 lessons a week from 6.15 to 8 p.m. The location (Campus Leonardo or Bovisa) as well as the attendance days will be chosen by the participants. Link up with the Language Courses Catalogue available in the Online Services under the key Mobility in order to display the details of this edition. The deadline in order to register and carry out the online level test is the 6th of February 2019. Further information: italian-courses@polimi.it

For information
e-mail: italian-courses@polimi.it


locandina_II_sem_18_19.pdf [93.838 KB]


Passion in Action courses

From today on, Politecnico brings you a new opportunity to enrich your cultural, professional and personal background thanks to teaching paths beyond curricular activities, which are in any case recognized and mentioned on the Diploma Supplement.

The webpage "Passion in action" is the catalog of open participation teaching activities offered to Politecnico students as a support to develop transversal, soft and social skills. It is also aimed at encouraging and facilitating your interests and personal aptitudes.

You can register to all the activities published in the catalog, choosing among the various subjects, even if the topics are different from your study programme.

The page is not static, it is always updated with new courses and opportunities. I suggest you to check it often in order to find the activities that better fit for you.

Next courses: