01th October 2019
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Date Event Deadline for registration
 Answer to the Sport Survey!30 October
 Sport Scholarships: the call is open!30 October
15 OctoberCineforum - La Terna Sinistrorsa: Suburra [Leonardo] 
15 OctoberCineforum - La Terna Sinistrorsa: Suburra [Lecco] 
21 OctoberCall: JUMP IN JEMP – We are looking for you 
22 October Freshmen reception: The freshmen festival - Lista Aperta 
From 25 to 30 OctoberTrip to Naples - Lista Aperta 
07 - 08 NovemberVenice Biennale - La Terna Sinistrorsa25 October
13 NovemberMontello S.p.A with La Terna Sinistrorsa 
From 15 to 19 NovemberAmsterdam tour 
17 NovemberPolimiRun Winter 2019: in a few days we will open registrations! 
From 18 to 24 NovemberBudapest e Wien with La Terna Sinistrorsa18 October


News from the students’ representatives

Student partnerships and thesis abroad, the latest news from the central bodies - Svoltastudenti

There are lots of news from the last meetings of the Central Bodies: a tender notice for 65 scholarships has just opened for thesis abroad. The total, during the year, will cover 110 requests, against the 75 expected, thanks to the contribution of the supplementary Merit Fund, wanted by the students!

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Updates from the Board of Directors of July and September - Lista Aperta

Discover all the news just approved: new call to work at PoliMi (150 hours Call), from this year there is a new call for engineering tutoring; call for theses abroad, loan of honor, new Bistrot campus Durando and much more! Continue reading on our site!

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Bar/self-service reopening Bovisa La Masa Campus

The bar and the self-service of Building B24 (Via La Masa, 34) reopened last week.

Opening hours:
Bar: from Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 5.30pm.
Self service: from Monday to Friday from 11.30am to 2.30pm.


Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon- Polimi International Film Festival

8 October 2019 | 17.30 - Aula Castiglioni, Ed. B1, Campus Bovisa Durando
9 October 2019 | 17.30 - Auditorium, via Pascoli 53, Campus Leonardo

Directed by Ang Lee, with Yun-Fat Chow, Michelle Yeoh, Ziyi Zhang
CHINA, 2000 - runtime 120 minutes.

Original language with English subtitles.
Free event upon registration at: www.eventi.polimi.it/events/la-tigre-e-il-dragone-polimi-international-film-festival/

Set in 19th Century in China, the movie follows two martial-arts masters Li Mu Bai and Yu Shu Lien as they battle against evil forces to regain the stolen Green Destiny sword and defeat long-time foe, Jade Fox. To succeed they must overcome an unknown warrior, the supremely skilled Jen, who is fighting against an arranged marriage. In the process, Li is torn between his deep and long-denied feelings for Shu, and his wish to tame and teach Jen.
The movie won 2 Golden Globes and 4 Oscars.


Da Pavia alla NASA. Un’esperienza personale e professionale: Cinzia Zuffada

1 ottobre 2019
Room L.12, building B12, Bovisa-La Masa Campus

Cinzia Zuffada, Associate Chief Scientis at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory/Caltech.

The event will be held in Italian. Further info and registration


Opening ceremony of a red bench, symbol of the elimination of violence against women

2 October 2019
at 12:00
Piazza Leonardo Da Vinci, 32

A ceremony to remember all women victims of violence. The event involves an introduction by ), Prof.ssa Fiammetta Carla Enrica Costa (President Cug Politecnico di Milano)  and Prof. Gabriele Pasqui (Rector Delegate about Social Policy) at the presence of delegates from Comune di Milano and Municipio 3.

The ceremony will be preceded by the reading of a text of Malala Youfsafzai, Nobel prize winner for peace.


Pallacanestro Cantù meets Politecnico di Milano students

2 October 2019
Castiglioni room, Bovisa Durando Campus

Pallacanestro Cantù (Cantù Basketball team) will meet Politecnico di Milano students to talk about sport, events and hospitality.

The meeting is open to everybody and is part of the Interior Design Studio programme.


POLImoon - Polimi events within the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing

Politecnico di Milano, in collaboration with the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology (DAER), wants to remind the memorable feat accomplished by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin  the 20th of July 1969 with the Apollo 11 which landed for the first time a human being on the moon.


Scientific seminars

2 October 2019 at 18.00
Michèle Lavagna “Dowser and the rich pot of the Moon”

9 October 2019 at 18.00
Antonio Mattia Grande, “Safer lunar space suits with self-healing materials”

16 October 2019 at 18.00
Annalisa Dominoni “Habitat concept in lunar lava-tube”

24 Ottobre 2019
at 18.00
Amalia Ercoli Finzi, “La Missione Apollo: emozioni di allora e di oggi”

30 October 2019 at 18.00
Francesco Topputo “LUMIO mission: thinking inside the box”

Room L 1.2, Via La Masa 34 – Milano


From the Career Service

Career Service Appointments

1 October 2019
Group Mentoring with companies for students from the School of Civil, Environmental and Land Management Engineering

2 October 2019
Round Table with Companies from the Financial Sector - Leonardo Campus

2 October 2019
Accenture Career Game. I volti dell’innovazione -  Immagina il tuo futuro nel mondo del lavoro

7 October 2019

8 October 2019
Group Mentoring with companies from the Chemical Sector

Train for the interview with the consultant
8 October 2019
9 October 2019

9 October 2019
Rold Connection to Innovation: Student Challenge

10 October 2019
International Job Fair

14 October 2019
Digital Recruiting and AI

15 October 2019
Round Table with Companies from the Financial Sector - Bovisa Campus


Students initiatives

Freshmen reception: Study groups - Lista Aperta

Our representative list organizes the Analysis I study groups for freshmen. It is one hour a week, Tuesday from 6 to 7 pm, where some students who have already taken the exam will be able to give you a hand in the study. The initiative will start in October. If you are interested write us at the e-mail that you can find on the website!

For information


Freshmen reception: The freshmen festival - Lista Aperta

22 October 2019
Edificio BL27, Bovisa La Masa Campus

Have you just arrived at the university? We invite you on 22th October for a festival in the spaces of the Politecnico in Bovisa organized by Polimi students. You will be able to dine, play and sing with many other freshmen together with us to get to know us!

For information www.poli-listaperta.it/sagra-della-matricola-2019/


Amsterdam tour

From 15 to 19 November 2019

Svoltastudenti presents its second trip you can’t miss out: Amsterdam Tour, five days dedicated to discover modern and contemporary art and to visit the north-european city that unite history, innovation and technology. The cost is 150€ including bus transport round trip, accommodations (3 nights in Amsterdam), museum tickets, local transportation.

For information
phone: 3885686554
e-mail: ludovico.casati@svoltastudenti.it


Analog Architectures

7 October 2019
Room G.4, Edificio 11, Leonardo Campus

In October, the first analogue photography lab of the Politecnico di Milano starts, where participants will have the chance to explore the world of analogue photography from shooting to developing negatives. During the first Meeting will be provided the basic knowledge and a roll of 36 poses that the participants will use in the following weeks to take photographs that highlight the relationship between architecture and image. The shots will be developed during the final day at the end of October. Registration request by mail

For information
e-mail: formas.polimi@gmail.com


ASM - Welcome event

8 October 2019
from 18:15 to 20:00
Room 3.1.5, Leonardo Campus

Are you interested in trips, conferences and sport activities with fellow students coming from all over the world? Or maybe you would like to get to know better ASM or become a member but you don't know how? Good! Then, to discover which events, activities and services we can offer to you don't miss our Welcome Event ! We are looking forward to see you!

For information
e-mail: asm.polimi@gmail.com


At Politecnico Terna presents: Sahaja Yoga - 13th Edition

10 October 2019
Aula B.2.2, piano secondo, Edificio 14 (Nave), Via Edoardo Bonardi, Campus Leonardo
Room B2.2.14, second floor, Building B2, Durando Campus

At Politecnico students Sahaja Yoga Milano proposes free Sahaja Yoga meditation courses. The main pourposes are: experiment joy and armony; obtain peace and satisfaction; increase self-confidence and self-esteem; improving concentration and creativity; balance emotions,mind and body. Every Tuesday (Room B2.2.14, second floor, Politecnico di Milano, Building B2, Via Giovanni Durando, Milano) and Thursday (Room B.2.2, second floor, Building 14 (Nave), Politecnico di Milano, Via Edoardo Bonardi, Milano).
Registration for Bovisa course: corsosahaja@gmail.com Registration for Leonardo course: sahajayogapoli@gmail.com

For information
e-mail: info@ternasinistrorsa.it



BEST Courses - Courses on Technology in Winter

Deadline for registration: 6 October 2019

No plans for this winter? With BEST you can travel in Europe practically for free, enriching your academic calendar and your curriculum, having fun with students from all over the continent! It's simple: apply to a BEST winter course. With less than 50€ you'll have the opportunity to spend 10 days in a university abroad, elaborating on engineering topics. What are you waiting for? Discover BEST and leave for Europe!

For information
e-mail: info@bestmilano.it


Budapest e Wien with La Terna Sinistrorsa

18-24 November 2019
Deadline for registration: 18 October 2019

The old town of Wien rises on the beautiful Danube river and it is nowdays considered one of the cultural capitals of Europe. This will be the first step of our journey. The main attractions of the city are the artistic and architectural marvels. Instead, the second step of the journey will be Budapest, the capital of Hungary, which is storically connected to Wien because of their cultural valence in the mitteleuropean contest. Here we will visit the stylish and modern district of Pest and the old and elegant Buda.

For information
e-mail: info@ternasinistrorsa.it


Call: JUMP IN JEMP – We are looking for you

21 October 2019
from 17:00 to 19:00
AULA CS.06 Via Durando 38/a, Bovisa Durando Campus

JEMP is looking for you. We are a PoliMi Junior Enterprise, a students’ association of engineers and designers who work together and put the things we learn at university into practice by developing projects for companies and individuals. JEMP is a launching pad to develop skills and know-how which support and complete the university studies. What are you waiting for? Take part in the Recruitment round and join in our team.

Further info
phone: +39 346 782 6212
e-mail: carolina.riva@jemp.it


Cineforum - La Terna Sinistrorsa: Mio fratello è figlio unico [Lecco]

8 October 2019
Aula B0.7. , via Gaetano Previati 1/c, Lecco Campus

The Cineforum of La Terna Sinistrorsa is back! Our first film is “Mio fratello è figlio unico”. Settled at the turn of the 60’s and the 70’s, the movie is about the complicit rivalry of two brothers from Latina, who live their youth characterized by the political militancy. The movie will be screened in Italian with English subtitles.

For information
e-mail: info@ternasinistrorsa.it



Cineforum - La Terna Sinistrorsa: Mio fratello è figlio unico [Leonardo]

8 October 2019
Auditorium Casa dello Studente, Via Pascoli 53, Leonardo Campus

The Cineforum of La Terna Sinistrorsa is back! Our first film is “Mio fratello è figlio unico”. Settled at the turn of the 60’s and the 70’s, the movie is about the complicit rivalry of two brothers from Latina, who live their youth characterized by the political militancy. The movie will be screened in Italian with English subtitles.

For information
e-mail: info@ternasinistrorsa.it



Cineforum - La Terna Sinistrorsa: Suburra [Lecco]

15 October 2019
Aula B0.7. , via Gaetano Previati 1/c, Lecco Campus

The Cineforum of La Terna Sinistrorsais back! Directed by Stefano Sollima, “Suburra” is settled in Rome, a city about to see to two important resignations, a city of blackmail and corruption, where crime has expanded enough to control istitutions. The movie will be screened in Italian with English subtitles.

For information
e-mail: info@ternasinistrorsa.it



Cineforum - La Terna Sinistrorsa: Suburra [Leonardo]

15 October 2019
Auditorium Casa dello Studente, Via Pascoli 53
Campus Leonardo

The Cineforum of La Terna Sinistrorsais back! Directed by Stefano Sollima, “Suburra” is settled in Rome, a city about to see to two important resignations, a city of blackmail and corruption, where crime has expanded enough to control istitutions. The movie will be screened in Italian with English subtitles.

For information
e-mail: info@ternasinistrorsa.it



Escape Room at Politecnico

12 October 2019
BL28, Bovisa La Masa Campus

"ABANDON ALL HOPE, YE WHO ENTER HERE" An escape room never seen before here: escape from Poli! The first escape room organized directly at the Polytechnic, in the spaces of Bovisa Campus La Masa. An absolutely unique experience! Will you be able to overcome such a challenge? Test yourself on Saturday 12th October at 4pm, admission is free!

For information
phone: 3404060909
e-mail: antonio.galli@svoltastudenti.it


Ferrari Museum in Maranello

12 October 2019
Campus Piacenza

Arriving at the Ferrari museum the trip offers an educational workshop called Campus Formula Innovation - engine and performance designed to discover the technological secrets that the jewels of more than a thousand horsepower mounted on F1 cars conceal. On the sidelines, a fascinating experience will be carried out such as the simulation of a real Formula 1 pit stop in which the participants of the journey will be challenged. After that there will be a guided tour of the museum (reorganized), a useful occasion to see up-close cars that have written the history of motorsport.

For information
phone: 3478559302
e-mail: lorenzo1.mainetti@mail.polimi.it


Museo_Ferrari_a_Maranello.pdf [144.502 KB]


League of Legends' Tourament

From 12 to 13 October 2019
from 09:00 to 18:00
Forgia degli Eroi (Leonardo)
Deadline for registration: 8 October 2019

The first AESport League of Legends' tournament will take place, we are a new association recognized by Politecnico di Milano that deals with E-Sports: we'll take care of tournaments organization and competitive teams formation. Join us with your team or alone and stay tuned on AESport's Twitch and Instagram channels, where the entire tournament will be broadcast!

For information
phone: 3349763035
e-mail: giovanni.scattaretico@aesport.it


Linux Courses 2019

1 - 3 - 10 October 2019
from 17:15 to 19:15
Aula B8.1.1, Campus Bovisa Durando

A series of talks aimed at providing the basis on specific parts of the GNU/Linux OS. The course will start from the use of the command line, files and users, provisioning using Git and compiling programs. The talks will be given in Italian

For information poul.org/2019/09/corsi-linux-base-2019/


linux_basic.pdf [66.516 KB]


Mobike: cycling between China and Italy

4 October 2019
from 18:00 to 19:15
Room 3.1.2, building 3, Leonardo Campus
Deadline for registration: 3 October 2019

Mobike, the largest bike sharing platform worldwide, has now spread throughout the city, cutting CO2 emissions and improving the quality of life in this booming city. The Chinese company, born in Beijing, was brought to Italy by Evlonet Group, which is specialized in Cross Border E-Commerce. In this meeting Alessandro Felici, founder and CEO of the firm, will present Evlonet Group with a focus on the history of Mobike, its strategy in Italy and in Europe and the spread and potential of the Sharing Economy. Initiative made possible due to a contribution from the Politecnico di Milano

For information
e-mail: woshoupolimi@gmail.com


Montello S.p.A with La Terna Sinistrorsa

13 November 2019
Montello Spa, Via Fabio Filzi, Montello, BG

Terna Sinistrosa organizes a day at the Montello (BG) recovery and recycling company. Example of excellence at national and international level for the plastic recycling system and for the production of biogas used to obtain both electrical and thermal energy and biomethane. The guided tour of the plant will last about 2 hours and then there will be the opportunity to visit the city.

For information
e-mail: info@ternasinistrorsa.it


PoliGSA goes to Ljubljana - Budapest - Vienna

From 10 to 14 October 2019
Ljubljana - Budapest - Vienna
Deadline for registration: 5 October 2019

Are you ready to start the new academic year in the best way possible...? PoliGSA invites you on a trip in the heart of Europe, for 5 days. We propose one tour between Ljubljana, Budapest and Vienna, three big cities with and architectural vision, centered on the museums, ancient buildings and the cultural atmosphere. Departures from Lecco and Milan.

For information
e-mail: poligsa.polimi@gmail.com


poster_budapest.pdf [329.893 KB]


Sharing: Coming Out

3 October 2019
from 18:15 to 20:15
aula 3.03, Campus Leonardo

Uneasiness, terror and most of all hope, that who is in front of us accepts us, these feelings precede that huge step commonly known as ”Coming Out”. The act of Coming Out has a deep meaning for the LGBT Community, since it states the moment someone is ready to make the other more involved in his/her life by breaking the wall of silence. To not miss any news or updates, follow us on Facebook and the Telegram channel, or join the Telegram group

For information
e-mail: info@poliedro-polimi.it


Trip to Naples - Lista Aperta

From 25 to 30 October 2019

This year Lista Aperta offers you a sparkling trip to Naples! What better way to start the year? On the program there are some archaeological sites such as Pompeii and Herculaneum, a walk in the Vesuvius National Park, a visit to the historic center of Naples with an inevitable pizza. It will be a varied journey where you will be able to visit both natural places and city centers, visit art museums and taste local specialties; all immersed in the Mediterranean culture of the charming city.



Venice Biennale - La Terna Sinistrorsa

7-8 November 2019
from 06:00 to 23:00
Biennale Arte, Calle del Carso, Venezia, VE
Deadline for registration: 25 October 2019

Terna Sinistrorsa continues a project that for years has brought Politecnico students closer to what are the most recent and current themes of art and architecture. We bring you to visit Venice Biennale. This activity, referred to architects, designers as well as engineers, is aimed at providing an opportunity to compare the Politecnico culture, which is part of the daily study experience, with the most relevant international artistic experiences. Departure from Leonardo and Lecco Campus.

For information
e-mail: info@ternasinistrorsa.it


Visit to the Saint Barthelemy observatory - Lista Aperta

From 11 to 12 October 2019

Lista Aperta proposes a two-day trip to the astronomical observatory of Saint Barthelemy in the Aosta Valley. The journey consists in the observation of the sky with the naked eye and with the telescopes of the Educational Terrace, with the description of the main visible constellations and of the celestial objects observable by telescope. Look on the site to register and learn more!

For information


Cultural Activities

Special offers for theatres and concerts - October

For more details on shows and on how to purchase the tickets, please refer to the attachment.

We remind you that if you want to receive special offers and last minute updates on Polimi cultural events, please join the mailing list "Last Minute" by sending an email to serviziocultura@polimi.it



politamtam_ottobre.pdf [441.035 KB]


Sport activities

Answer to the Sport Survey!

Till 30 October
In collaboration with Students Representatives we have created a short survey about sport.
Politecnico di Milano considers sport as a way to facilitate aggregation and social integration and as a source of improvement, training and personal growth, in synergy with academic training.
That's why we would like to invite you to reply to the questionnaire; your opinion is essential in order to improve more and more in the initiatives dedicated to you.

Here the path of your Online Services to find the form:
Servizi Online > (Dati) > Compilazione Questionari

Thank you for your support!


Campionati Polimi - the 9th edition

The 9th edition is coming. Registrations will close on  Thursday 3rd October!
The real challenge between the courses of study returns! The 5-a-side football, 3vs3 basketball open and 6vs6 mixed Volleyball tournaments are ready to start again! Registrations will close on Thursday 3rd October: find classmates, sign up and keep training, the Champions title is open again!

Next registration fees per person:
€ 16 until 03/10
including adidas official kit (jersey and the shorts) and 3 guaranteed games!

How does the registration work?
1) Create your team with your friends (every teammate has to be in the same degree programme),
2) register your team online on www.sport.polimi.it/en/campionati-politecnico
3) go to finalize the registration in one of our Sport Infopoint paying the registration fee;
4) before the start of the competition all players must have the new 2019/2020 Sport Card complete with a medical examination with ECG.
N.B. The pre-registration online is not enough to take advantage of the lower fees and to partecipate, in order to get them you need to go to pay the team fee before the higher fee comes.
Stay up to date with our social channels on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

For information:


Don’t lose the Sport membership dedicated to you!

The new Sport Card 2019/2020 is coming really soon in our Sport Infopoints.
Live the sport of Politecnico di Milano! On August 31st the Sports card for the year 2018/2019 has expired and the new card will is available in our Sport Points!
The card has a cost of € 20 per year and it includes insurance and CUS membership, free ride to the Giuriati Sports Center and – if you ask for it - free access to the PoloSportivo facilities in Lecco, Mantua and Piacenza.

How to get the card:
To obtain the card you need to register through the CUS Milano website, following the online registration procedure, and then go to one of our offices with a medical certificate for competitive or non-competitive sporting practice.
Only for students already registered on the CUS website there is a free medical examination service that can be booked online by clicking here.

For information:


PolimiRun Winter 2019: in a few days we will open registrations!

17 November 2019

In November the one and only 10 km winter run of the Politecnico di Milano returns: PolimiRun Winter 2019. Like last year it will take place in Lecco, with departure and arrival on the Politecnico di Milano campus: the route will be partly in the city and in part on the paths of the hills and woods around Lecco.
The funds from registrations will be added to the 150,000 € already collected by PolimiRun Spring 2019 and will be used entirely for the construction of the new Architecture Campus of the Politecnico di Milano: the project - from an idea and with the participation of Renzo Piano - does not include only new classrooms and new work, study and leisure spaces for the students of our University, but aims to build a new portion of the Milan of the future, with spaces open to all citizens.
In October we will open the registrations, follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages @PolimiSport not to lose any news.


Running Politecnico is coming back with big news!

Running two PolimiRun per year is not enough to be a real PolimiRunner, at Politecnico you can run all year with Running Polimi: organized trainings and free running reserved for students and employees of our University.
Train with your classmates and with the support of a professional coach, on the athletics track of the Giuriati Sports Center in Via Pascal 6 in Milan.

And we have some big news arriving, one of them is the fact that we will have the brand new trainings in Lecco Campus!
While waiting for details you can start getting your Sport Card 2019/2020, it’s mandatory to enter the Giuriati and also to take part in the workouts.
Info about Sport membership
The Politecnico Sport Card has a cost of € 20: to register, just go to the Giuriati's reception (from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm) with an italian medical certificate with electrocardiogram and a document declaring your subscription to Politecnico, or you can follow the online procedure you find by clicking here.
If you do not have the certificate, the medical examination is free! You can book it directly at the Giuriati reception or online.
If you prefer to run by yourself, the athletics track of Giuriati is waiting for you: train in complete freedom, it is needed - as always - the Sport Card.


Opportunities and benefits

Fintech & Insurtech Contest 2019

The Fintech & Insurtech Contest 2019 by the Fintech & Insurtech Observatory is aimed at the most innovative projects in the financial sector initiated by students of any origin, field and level (Diploma, Degree, Master and PhD). Projects from a simple concept to a startup will be evaluated even within established companies.
Rewards also include a three-month incubation period in PoliHub with access to Startup Toolkit services.
Deadline applications: 14th October, 11:59 pm
Info and registration: bit.ly/FintechInsurtechContest


Passion in Action courses

Politecnico offers you a new opportunity to enrich your cultural, professional and personal background thanks to teaching paths beyond curricular activities, which are in any case recognized and mentioned on the Diploma Supplement.

The webpage "Passion in action" is the catalog of open participation teaching activities offered to Politecnico students as a support to develop transversal, soft and social skills. It is also aimed at encouraging and facilitating your interests and personal aptitudes.

You can register to all the activities published in the catalog, choosing among the various subjects, even if the topics are different from your study programme.

The page is not static, it is always updated with new courses and opportunities. I suggest you to check it often in order to find the activities that better fit for you.

Next courses:



Polimi Benefits

Thanks to the Agreement TIM has reserved for you, some discounts and special services!
You can find 2 TIM consultants at Campus Leonardo (Architecture Atrium, Bonardi Street) and since today 2 consulants at Bovisa Campus (Entrance Lambruschini Street).
For more informations visite the website: www.polimi.it/en/current-students/tuition-fees-scholarships-and-financial-aid/products-and-services-at-special-conditions/
Come to discover this and many other Agreemets created specially for you!


Sport Scholarships: the call is open!

Deadline: 30 October 2019

Politecnico supports all the students who engage in study and sport.
The 2019 call for "Scholarships for Sports Merit" dedicated to all students is open for all Politecnico students who practice, at high levels, CONI or CIO recognized sports disciplines.

Hurry up and join the call: bit.ly/31z3u1i