13th May 2022
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Date Event Deadline for registration
19 MayIncontro con l’autore – Amalia Ercoli Finzi 
20 MayHappy birthday PoliEdro: treasure hunt! - PoliEdro 
21 MaySquid Game at Politecnico - Svoltastudenti 
23 MayDecaEdro: celebrate with us! - PoliEdro 
From 24 to 31 MayVisioni Politecniche - next appointments  
24 MayAEA meets Skyward Experimental Rocketry- AEA 
24 MayArabic Calligraphy - ASM Association of Muslim's Students 
25 MayEthics meets artificial intelligence: can an algorithm really be unbiased? - SitPolimi 
25 - 26 - 27 MayArduino Workshop - POuL24 May
28 MaySports on the Sesia - Svoltastudenti 
31 MayLet's play! - PoliEdro 
01 JuneMonte Bianco Skyway - Lista Aperta 
01 JuneWorld Bicycle Day @ Polimi 
03 JuneScarpa | Canova - PAC mantova30 May
05 JuneBEAthlon, 2 edition - BEA Polimi30 May
13 JunePolimi Summer Camp 2022 – From June 13th27 May
From 07 to 09 OctoberMaker Faire Rome 2022: Call for Universities and Research Institutes26 June


From the Administration

Elections of the National Council of University Students (CNSU)

We remind you that from 17 to 19 May 2022 the elections for the renewal of National Council of University Students (CNSU) will take place.

Students, PhD students and Postgraduates will be able to cast their vote exclusively at the polling station assigned according to their course of study; the location of the polling stations can be consulted at the following link: www.polimi.it/fileadmin/user_upload/il_Politecnico/votazioni-studenti/CNSU/CNSU_2022/Dove_si_vota.pdf.

The lists are:

PhD component candidate:

Postgraduates component candidates:

News from the students’ representatives

DESIGN workshops: we are working on them! - Svoltastudenti

Many students have come to us representatives to complain about the design workshops as being too stressful and subject to assessment. We are working with the Headmaster to change them, but we need your opinion! For the time being, we have managed to change the schedule so that there is no overlap between exam period and workshops, but the question remains: do we want assessment in workshops yes or no?

Tell us by responding to the following form:


May 13th: End of election campaign in Piazza Leonardo - Lista Aperta

Celebrate with your student representatives the end of this intense, but exciting time. We are waiting for you today in Piazza Leonardo from 12 am to 7 pm to discuss the electoral program and to meet our candidate! There will be drinks, food and many games and attractions!

For information:



Incontro con l’autore – Amalia Ercoli Finzi

19 May 2022
at 18.00
Aula Carassa Dadda, Via Lambruschini 4 

Amalia Ercoli Finzi, honorary professor of Politecnico di Milano introduces the book “Corsa allo Spazio 1,2,3 … via”. She will talk with Giuseppe Sala, director of the Department of Aerospace Sciences and Technologies.
The event will be held in Italian.

For information and registration:



Until 9 June 2021

MANTOVARCHITETTURA continues. Unti 9 June all architecture lovers will be able to follow for free the proposals that the program has in the calendar for this new edition of the exhibition.

For further information:


Visioni Politecniche - next appointments

This year a new series of events entitled Visioni Politecniche begins, A series of dissemination meetings held by our teachers who will illustrate the progress underway with an eye to the future of technologies. Below are the upcoming provided in both presence and online, for which registration is required.

24 May 2022 - at 18.00 - Leonardo Campus - Auditorium
Come si sono evoluti i videogiochi negli ultimi anni?
with Pierluca Lanzi, prof. of Video game design and Programming

31 May 2022 - at 18:00 – Off Campus San Siro - via Giacinto Gigante, di fronte al civico 5, Milano
Periferie del cambiamento. Quale progetto?
with Francesca Cognetti de Martiis, prof. of Technical and Urban Planning


Students initiatives

AEA meets Skyward Experimental Rocketry- AEA

24 May 2022
Campus Leonardo

Curious about the work behind controlling a sounding rocket? After the excellent result achieved in the international competition in Portugal, Skyward members will show us the control algorithms and strategies used by the Control Systems department, with also the possibility of seeing firsthand the physical system used for the control of the apogee! (possibility to register using the form on the website)

For information:
phone: 3468534259
e-mail: gariboldicristian@gmail.com


Arabic Calligraphy - ASM Association of Muslim's Students

24 May 2022

If it is true that the whole universe somehow responds to precise proportions that determine its beauty, this principle has also been applied to Arabic letters. The golden sections have been studied by the Arabs for centuries to understand the secret of the beauty of nature, and have therefore been applied to the letters of the Arabic language, so that they could be contemplated as an integral part of this nature that surrounds us. We will have the opportunity to discover Arabic calligraphy inspired by the beauty of nature and try this splendid art by ourselves. Sign now!

For information:
e-mail: info@asmpolimi.it


Arduino Workshop - POuL

25 - 26 - 27
from 15:15 to 18:15
Aula 26.04 mercoledì, aula B.4.3 giovedì e venerdì
Campus Leonardo
Deadline for registration: 24 May 2022

Arduino is the world's most famous hardware prototyping system, and it was born as a university project. With it, you can bring to life an incredible variety of projects in many fields: domotics, robotics, internet of things, long range communication, modding... Our course is thought out to be a workshop in which, while learning the necessary basics to develop with Arduino, you will be able to test everything we do on a board we will provide you for the lesson. The course has a limited amount of seats due to the number of boards, and having the Arduino IDE installed is suggested. Register now!

For information:
e-mail: info@poul.org


BEAthlon, 2 edition - BEA Polimi

5 June 2022
from 09:00 to 23:00
Centro sportivo PlayMore!,Via della Moscova 26/A, MILANO
Deadline for registration: 30 May 2022

We present the second edition of the BEAthlon! It will be a day entirely dedicated to sport. All teams will have to compete in football, basketball and beach volleyball matches and during the breaks they will be able to catch their breath by challenging themselves to ping pong, table football and other activities. During the tournament (10am-7pm), there will be no lack of music and entertainment! After the awards ceremony, the evening will begin with more music and games, drinking and eating something all together! What are you waiting for? Run on our social networks and sign up!

For information:
e-mail: info@beapolimi.it


DecaEdro: celebrate with us! - PoliEdro

23 May 2022
Campus Leonardo

Join us and past PoliEdro members to celebrate and re-live 10 years of our association!
Stay tuned for more info.

For information:
e-mail: hello@poliedro.lgbt


Ethics meets artificial intelligence: can an algorithm really be unbiased? - SitPolimi

25 May 2022
from 18:30 to 20:00
Aula BL 27 1.3
Campus Bovisa La Masa

With the help of Prof. Paolo Volontè and Artificial Intelligence Observatory researchers Camilla Sorrentino and Stefano Garavaglia, we will investigate the complex relationship between ethics and artificial intelligence applications, which are increasingly present in our lives.*event in italian*

Sign up here to participate.

For information:
e-mail: andrea.pacenti@mail.polimi.it


Happy birthday PoliEdro: treasure hunt! - PoliEdro

20 May 2022

Celebrate with us 10 years of PoliEdro! Find us to participate in a treasure hunt around campus, and may the best team win! Stay tuned for more info!

For information:
e-mail: hello@poliedro.lgbt


JEMPxETH: InCube Challenge 2022 - JEMP

October 2022

Do you want to live an experience on the verge of innovation? JEMP and the Entrepreneurship Club of ETH Zurich are organizing an hackathon from the 11th to the 14th of October where 6 teams of 5 students will face 6 different challenges in 5 days. What's new? The participants will work inside cubes of glass placed in different cities in Switzerland for the whole durantion of the challenge! Those are staged by international sponsors like Microsoft, Allianz and Huawei.

For further information:
e-mail: info@jemp.it


Let's play! - PoliEdro

31 May 2022
Campus Leonardo

Do you like boardgames? Would you like to meet new people and have fun? Join us, and bring a boardgame if you like!

For information:
e-mail: hello@poliedro.lgbt


Monte Bianco Skyway - Lista Aperta

1 June 2022
Courmayeur (AO)

For mountain lovers, Lista Aperta takes you at high altitude! Thanks to Skyway Monte Bianco we will reach the highest point in Europe and enjoy a breathtaking 360 degree panorama! From Courmayeur to Punta Helbronner at 3466 m, from which we will see the most important peaks in Europe. We are waiting for you!

For more information:
e-mail: eventi.poli.listaperta@gmail.com


Scarpa | Canova - PAC mantova

3 June 2022
from 07:15 to 19:15
Campus Mantova
Deadline for registration: 30 May 2022

Ready for our second PAC \ trip! A journey in the name of beauty among the projects of Carlo Scarpa, an investigation on the setting up and the art of telling memory. 40 places available, hurry up! A 10€ deposit is required to be handed in within 2 days from departure, which will be returned at the end of the trip. Departure and return will be in Piazza d'arco in Mantova. Trip realized with the contribution of the Polytechnic of Milan

For information:
phone: 3423314534
e-mail: edoardo.fraschini@mail.polimi.it


Sports on the Sesia - Svoltastudenti

28 May 2022
from 08:00 to 20:00
Vocca (VC)

The warm season is upon us! Svoltastudenti takes you on an exciting day of sports among the waters of the Sesia River. You can choose between: - Rafting, river descent on a special unsinkable and self-emptying raft - Hydrospeed, descent of the river through a special water bob. Throughout the day will also be available volleyball courts, foosball and other games.

For information:
e-mail: alessandro.digiovine@svoltastudenti.it


Squid Game at Politecnico - Svoltastudenti

21 May 2022
from 16:00 to 18:30
Edificio 13 (Trifoglio)
Campus Leonardo

Registration is now open for the largest Escape Room ever at Politecnico in the Città Studi campus. 100 people. 6 tests. A single goal: escape! The theme will be the famous TV series "Squid Game". Would you be able to overcome such a challenge? Test yourself by signing up now using the link!

For information:
phone: Andrea +39 339 672 1925


Table tennis tournament - Studenti Indipendenti

Ping pong tables in Terrazza Gardella, Parchetto Smerlo, (Leonardo) and BL27 + B12 (La Masa)

Even this year, Studenti Indipendenti will organize its long awaited table tennis tournament! Enlist alone or in pairs with a friend to spend a fun-filled day before summer session.
The tournament will take place the last week of May.

For further information:
phone: Davide: 3478225289
e-mail: eventi@studentiindipendenti.it


Sport activities

PolimiRun Spring 2022: last days to register!

May 29 is getting closer, the adidas Runners PolimiRun Spring 2022 is almost here, get ready for the race organized by the Politecnico di Milano! The 10 km non-competitive and competitive run connects the two Milanese campuses of the Politecnico, from Piazza Leonardo Da Vinci to Bovisa Lambruschini. The event, dedicated to the Politecnico community, is open to everyone and aims to be a fun day to crown a year full of sport. Registration is open, register now with your friends and family! For info and the registration click here.
This year the route will be completely barrier-free and suitable for everyone; at the arrival village you will also find activities designed for children and not just them, such as a fantastic marching band and cosplayer of characters from the DC Comics universe, like Batman and Catwoman.

Challenge yourself: set a goal and run your race until you reach it. Every minute of running counts! In fact, every minute you run will be a minute you run to pick up plastic waste from the oceans, thanks to adidas' Run for the Oceans project. Let's run together and for the oceans

For information and registration:

For more information:


Jury Chechi presents "Codice Jury", his new book on Calysthenics, @ Giuriati

3 May 2022
at 6:30 pm
Giuriati Arena - Via Carlo Pascal, 6 Milan

Jury Chechi - Olympic champion in the specialty of rings - is today a master of the calisthenics method and in his new book "Codice Jury" introduces readers to the knowledge and the practice of the discipline through a path suitable for everyone. The location he has chosen to present his book is the Giuriati Sports Center. Don't miss the meeting with this great champion!

Sign up for free by filling out the form.


Train with us at PolimiRun Training!

If you have already signed up for the adidas runners PolimiRun Spring 2022, now is the time to train to run these 10km at your best! The appointments with the adidas Runners coaches have restarted:
- Leonardo Campus: every Monday and Thursday, meeting at 6:30 pm in front of the Giuriati Sports Center
- Bovisa Campus: every Wednesday, meeting at 6.30 pm at Campus Bovisa La Masa. Download the "adidas running" app [ adirun.app/QfGU ] to book your training for free every week, places are limited! There is also a bag deposit service.

And don't miss the Special PolimiRun Trainings on 23 and 26 May! These trainings will take place exceptionally on the Athletics Track of the Giuriati Sports Center and on this occasion it will be possible to test the adidas running shoes! Meeting at 6:30 pm at Giuriati: booking available via the adidas Running app!

For more information:


Opportunities and benefits

Have a ride with Dott ebikes and scooters

Thanks to the agreement with Dott you’ll get a 30% discount on every ride. You just have to access the dedicated webpage, use your polimi email and get your promo code. Find out more: www.polimi.it/en/current-students/tuition-fees-scholarships-and-financial-aid/products-and-services-at-special-conditions/mobilita-sostenibile/dott/

For further information:


International Festival at Piccolo: Politecnico di Milano special

From 4 to 31 May 2022

A special promotion dedicated to Politecnico di Milano students to attend the International Festival Presente indicativo: per Giorgio Strehler (paesaggi teatrali) on stage at Piccolo Teatro and in other places from 4 to 31 of May 2022. 25 shows, 21 directors and international ensembles, 16 Italian premieres, more than 70 hours of theatre to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Giorgio Strehler and the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Piccolo.

Tickets at 10€ for single showclick here
Subscription to 5 show at 40€click here

Oltre la scena del festival - Beyond the show festival
A month of meetings, masterclasses, screenings, live music, DJSET and incursions of the artists of the Festival "Presente indicativo". During the days of the shows at the Teatro Strehler and Studio Melato, from 6PM to 12AM, you can participate in live performances, DJSET and cocktail bar with free admission.

For more information on both the events:


Maker Faire Rome 2022: Call for Universities and Research Institutes

From 7 to 9 October 2022

Deadline registrations: 26 June 2022

Are you a student, a researcher, a professor and are you working on a project with a strong innovative content? Take part in the 10th edition of Maker Faire Rome, the event that facilitates and talks about innovation, bringing people and ideas together through a physical and virtual ecosystem to connect innovation enthusiasts and involve them with learning paths, training, co-planning and match-making. Maker Faire Rome is the ideal settings where knowledge, skills and experience come together to give shape to real projects.

You cannot miss it, submit your project by june 26th!

For more information:


Passion in Action courses

"Passion in Action", the catalogue of the open-access extracurricular activities of the Politecnico is enriched cyclically: thanks to innovative courses you can delevop transversal, technical, soft, social and life skills. Check the catalogue to find new opportunities and choose the course that better fits for you!Acquired skills will be accredited on the Diploma Supplement. Watch this video to discover what the students who attended the courses say about Passion in Action!

The next courses available:








Polimi Summer Camp 2022 – From June 13th

The summer camps of Politecnico di Milano will start on June 13th! Registrations by 27 May.

For further information and registration:


Tech economy hub

20 May 2022
9 – 1:20 AM
Aula Magna Carlo De Carli, via Durando 10, Milano
Live & digital event 

How will companies change, what are the most important technological trends of the near future and what are their practical applications? It will be discussed at the Tech Economy Hub, an event dedicated to the role of technological and digital innovation in the development of companies and their development strategies, born from the collaboration between Core and Il Sole 24 Ore with the Politecnico di Milano as a scientific partner.

Program and registration at this link:


World Bicycle Day @ Polimi

On Wednesday, June 1st (World Bicycle Day will take place on June 3rd), a meeting is being held in front of Building 1 Rector's Office in Leonardo da Vinci, to publicize the university's initiatives aimed at promoting the use of bicycles as an environmentally sustainable means of transportation: bike repair stations, services at special conditions for the university community, in the presence of bike share operators and more. We look forward to seeing you from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m!

For information: