17th February 2020
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Date Event Deadline for registration
 Video Contest U-MOB LIFE Deadline29 February
 BEST Courses - Courses on Technology in Summer15 March
 Axepta. Future Store - Experience More05 April
From 24 to 27 FebruaryTeatro delle Biglie - Next Labs 
From 24 to 25 FebruaryOpen Lab Smart Home – Time to HACK! 
From 25 to 28 FebruaryCareer Service  
26 FebruaryInujima: Architecture becomes Environment. A lecture by Kazuyo Sejima 
26 FebruaryPolitecnico di Milano Championships - Students Winter Cup 2019: finals in sight! 
28 FebruaryHostile Climate - Resilient GAP conference 
28 FebruaryBEST MoL Day 
From 28 February to 07 MarchWorkshop "Atmospheres 2020 - Carosello Turbamento"27 February
04 MarchSVOLTASTUDENTI - Cenacolo Vinciano 
09 MarchFamolo Libero: artistic-literary erotic competition04 March
10 MarchVisiting Coccodì - Lista Aperta 
11 MarchMum, dad… I'm gay! 
17 March - 21 March - 05 MarchCivil Rights Opera Show - La Terna Sinistrorsa 
21 MarchEESTech Challenge 202011 March
07 AprilIP EXPERIENCE - Intellectual Property EXperiential PrOgram  
17 MayPolimiRun Spring 2020: registrations are open! 


News from the students’ representatives

3i School News - Terna Sinistrorsa

Discover the news discussed in the 3i School Board by our representative Beatrice Bartolozzi in the session of Thursday 6th February:

  • Learning Analytics project, aimed at improving some student services and management processes based on the systematic analysis of career data.
  • Open Day: data on possible changes from the Bachelor's Degree (LT) to the Master's Degree (LM) will be presented at the Open Day
  • Updates to the Degree Regulations.
  • Developments of the laboratory teaching Board - Double LM Biomedical Engineering and Materials and Nanotechnology Engineering

For information:
e-mail: info@ternasinistrorsa.it


Giuriati Sport Center: the new project - Svoltastudenti

The Mario Giuriati sport center is located inside Politecnico di Milano’s Leonardo Campus, being the main sport center for Polimi’s students since 2008. October 2019 has seen the start of the realization of a very ambitious project: the new Giuriati Center. The project is composed by the upgrade of already present facilities, with a focus on the remake of the track, the new natural grass surface of rugby and football field, the renovation of interiors of the main building, of grandstands and of locker rooms.

For information:


When to pay taxes? Am I entitled to exemption?- Lista Aperta

Practical guide with deadlines and methods. As every year, the time has come to inquire to pay the second installment correctly and within the deadlines. For any type of concession or exemption, the deadline for the ISEE subscription is March 31, 2020.
For any other information on concessions and exemptions consult our guide.

For information:



Inujima: Architecture becomes Environment. A lecture by Kazuyo Sejima

26 February 2020
at 16.00
Aula Rogers, Leonardo Campus

Lecture by Kazuyo Sejima dedicated to “Inujima: Architecture becomes Environment”: an analysis of the solutions applied to the context of Inujima, a small island in Seto Naikai, Japanese Inlad sea.
The lecture will be held in english.

For information:


From the Career Service

Career Service

Registrations open until March 15th

25 February, from 11:00 to 12:00 / Castiglioni Room, Bovisa Campus

27 February, from 9:30 to 13:00 / Career Lab, Leonardo Campus

28 February, from 15:00 to 17:30 / Sala Consiglio DIG, Via Lambruschini Bld. 26, Bovisa Campus


Students initiatives

BEST Courses - Courses on Technology in Summer

Deadline for registration: 15 March 2020

No plans for this summer? With BEST you can travel in Europe practically for free, enriching your academic calendar and your curriculum, having fun with students from all over the continent! It's simple: apply to a BEST summer course. With less than 50€ you'll have the opportunity to spend 10 days in a university abroad, elaborating on engineering topics. What are you waiting for? Discover BEST and leave for Europe!

For information:
e-mail: info@bestmilano.it



28 February 2020
Room 3.1.9, Leonardo Campus

Have you ever thought you had the chance to travel all over Europe, practically for free? Do you want to visit another university and meet international students? If this sounds exciting to you, come to the presentation of the BEST Summer Courses: we'll give you detailed information about the courses, as well as some advice on how to write a convincing Motivation Letter for the application! What are you waiting for? Discover BEST and leave Milan, destination: Europe! We’ll be waiting for you with free food and drinks!

For information:
e-mail: info@bestmilano.it


Civil Rights Opera Show - La Terna Sinistrorsa

17 March 2020
from 20:45 to 23:00
De Donato Room, Building 3, Leonardo Campus

The theater is too expensive? We will bring theatre to you. It's free! We of Terna Sinistrorsa are organizing again a Civil Rights Opera Show this year. The first show will be "La Ri(e)voluzione": Mohamed Ba and Monica Bandella will try to make us understand the difficult relationship between the and Africa. Following there will be "Fail", with Francesca Franzè and Michele Mariniello: in this show we will talk about how the economic crisis has affected everyone's lives and everyday life. Finally with Massimiliano Loizzi we will see a tragic farce over Italy and the state's lies.

For information:
e-mail: info@ternasinistrorsa.it


EESTech Challenge 2020

21 March 2020
from 08:00 to 20:00
Room G.3, Leonardo Campus

Deadline for registration: 11 March 2020

Would you like to prove your problem-solving skills in a hackathon about Human-Computer Interaction together with your fellow peers? What if we told you that you can win a trip to Krakow and face students from all over Europe? Then join the EESTech Challenge 2020!
This hackathon is an international competition between Engineering students in many European cities. In this edition, participants will tackle a HCI-related issue in groups of 3 people for 12h. The event is organised in collaboration with the experts of Reply and of i3Lab.
Check our social channels to learn more!

For information:
e-mail: eestec.milano@gmail.com


Famolo Libero: artistic-literary erotic competition

9 March 2020
at 18:00
Aula Rogers,  Leonardo Campus

Deadline for registration: 4 March 2020

Why should we be ashamed of talking about sex? Bringing down sexual pleasure taboos in schools and universities allows us to explore and start a conversation about it, giving us the chance to build, from the grassroots of society, a culture that is truly free of gender stereotypes and gendered violence. You can send a short story, a poem, a photograph, a picture of a drawing, of a sculpture, a performance art piece or any kind of artistic expression you want. There are no limitations, aside from keeping literary works under one A4 page.

For information and registration:
phone: 3201666413
e-mail: famololibero@gmail.com


Famolo_Libero_Locandina_finale.pdf [704.497 KB]


Hostile Climate - Resilient GAP conference

February 28, 2020
from 17:30 to 19:30
Room BL.27.01, Bovisa La Masa Campus

When we think about climate change, "migrations" is surely not the first word that comes to our mind. However, the link between these two phenomena will influence more and more global geopolitics and our everyday life. To know more about the topic, we will have as a guest Grammenos Mastrojeni, diplomatic, writer, journalist and international affairs expert. (Please note that the conference will be held in italian).

For information:


Mum, dad… I'm gay!

11 March 2020
from 18:15 to 20:15
Aula 3.0.3 (ex S.0.2), Leonardo Campus

How difficult is coming out? Us of PoliEdro know that troubling feeling very well. For this reason, we invited couples from AGedO to discuss and illustrate their point of view. AGedO is the Italian association that brings together parents who have LGBT children and have been through the experience of unexpected coming out. If you are afraid to come out to your parents, come to join us and share your concerns with who experienced the same with their child. Bring your parents as well if you want, in case they want to attend and share their opinion, everyone is free to join.

For information:
e-mail: info@poliedro-polimi.it


SVOLTASTUDENTI - Cenacolo Vinciano

4 March 2020

After the great success of last year, Svoltastudenti reorganized on March 4th a free guided tour for 26 students in one of the symbolic places of the city of Milan:Leonardo da Vinci Last Supper. The visit, which lasts about 90 minutes, will take you through the Basilica of Santa Maria delle Grazie to the work of Leonardo da Vinci, on a journey through time, history and art. Registration will open on February 18 at 12.30 on the Svoltastudenti's website. € 10 will be required as a warranty, which will be returned at the end of the visit.

For information:
e-mail: riccardo.serra@svoltastudenti.it


Teatro delle Biglie - Next Labs

From 24 to 27 February 2020
from 18:15 to 21:00
Edificio 14 'la Nave', Campus Leonardo

Teatro delle Biglie announces the beginning of new courses. Trial lessons are free and open to the students. During the next week there will be the trial lessons:

A tutto palco - contemporary theater workshop: 24 and 27 February, room B.3.2
Fino a qui tutto bene - free fall theater: 24 February, room B.3.3
Aperture narrative - experimental theater workshop: 25 February, room B.2.2
Il metodo creativo dell’attore - theatrical preparatory workshop: 25 and 26 February, room B.3.1

For more info follow us on Facebook, Instagram or visit our website. See you soon!

For information:


The newspaper "Sul fiume Poli" is back!

Campus Cremona

The best (other than the only one) Cremona pole newspaper is back! It will discuss the variest topics: professors and students lives, technical essays, innovative offers and much more. You would say: "Nah, that's the ordinary newspaper." You're wrong. Do you know what's the best part of it? That you can write articles yourself! If you have an idea, an opinion, a story or a topic you would like to share, just do it. If used in the right way, the newspaper can "complement each other", bring us new horizons and create new links. Why wouldn't you participate? First release: end of March.

For information:
phone: 3470543938
e-mail: stefano.vighini@mail.polimi.it


Visiting Coccodì - Lista Aperta

10 March 2020
Registration from 24 February 2020

Lista Aperta takes you to visit the packaging center and the feed mill of the Coccodì company, leader in the production and sale of eggs. The proposed activity includes a short excursion on the history of this company and a visit to the plants with a focus on the production process and logistics management, from the arrival of the eggs to the delivery, passing through the quality control and product selection.
The visit will be completely free. Learn more on our site.

For information:


Workshop "Atmospheres 2020 - Carosello Turbamento"

From 28 February 2020 to 7 March 2020
Leonardo Campus

Deadline for registration: 27 February 2020

Take the opportunity to design the installation of “Atmospheres 2020: Carosello Turbamento”, an event that will stage the deepest fears of our society for the Milan Design Week. During the workshop you will be able to front architecture firms and professors regarding the theme of mobile architecture and self-construction. The students will join a design competition for a travelling architecture. A jury with selected hosts will declare the winning project which will be built by all the students working together. The "carosello" will be the scenography for the opening event.

For information:
phone: 3332097335
e-mail: formas.polimi@gmail.com


Atmospheres_2020__carosello_turbamento.pdf [456.125 KB]


Cultural Activities

Special offers for theatres and concerts - February

For more details on shows and on how to purchase the tickets, please refer to the file here attached.

We remind you that if you want to receive special offers and last minute updates, please join the mailing list "Last Minute" by sending an email to teatri@polimi.it

1. Teatro Franco Parenti

2. Teatro Elfo Puccini

3. Teatro Carcano

4. Teatro dal Verme

5. Teatro Fontana

6. Teatro Filodrammatici

7. Teatro Manzoni

8. Teatro Martinitt

9. Triennale – Teatro dell’Arte

10. MTM Manifatture Teatrali Milanesi

11. LaVerdi

12. Teatro degli Arcimboldi

13. Teatro Delfino

14. Società del Quartetto

15. Teatro della Contraddizione

16. PACTA Salone dei Teatri

17. Teatro San Babila

18. Teatro Libero

19. Società Umanitaria

20. Teatro I

21. Zelig Cabaret

22. Teatro Menotti


Offerte_teatri_febbraio_2020.pdf [257.915 KB]


Sport activities

PolimiRun Spring 2020: registrations are open!

SAVE THE DATE: 17 May 2020

PolimiRun Spring is the non-competitive 10 km race organized by Politecnico di Milano, and open to everybody. 

The race will take place on Sunday 17 May, we will start at 9.30 from the Bovisa La Masa campus and we will arrive in Piazza Leonardo Da Vinci, crossing the city of Milan as usual, on a route full of surprises!

CLICK HERE to enroll

In 2020, the registrations income will be used for the renovation of Giuriati, the Sports Center of the Politecnico di Milano; the project aims to build a part of the Milan and the Campus of the future, with new sports facilities, courts of various disciplines, a new gym and much more: find out more about the project by clicking here.

There will be only 18,000 bibs available.

Stay tuned on our social channels @PolimiSport not to lose the announcement of the opening.

Registration fees will be *:

• € 15 from  01/02 to 04/03;
• € 20 from 05/03 to 30/04;
• € 25 from 18/03 to 10/05.

* registrations will be open till the bibs are over.

PolimiRun Training with adidas Runners coaches will open in March, get ready downloading the adidas Running by Runtastic app too book your presence when available!

For information:


Politecnico di Milano Championships - Students Spring Cup 2020: open enrollment

Registration for the 10th edition of the Politecnico di Milano Championships is open.

Didn't the winter edition bring the desired results? Do you want revenge and to bring up the title of your degree course? Registration for the spring edition of the men's 5-a-side football championship, 3x3 open basketball and 6x6 mixed volleyball is open!

CLICK HERE to enroll your team 

Stay tuned and don't miss the opportunity to register your team: you could be the Champions of the Students Spring Cup 2020!

How does enrollment work?
1) You create your team with your fellow students *,
2) register it online at www.sport.polimi.it/en/iscrizioni
3) go to finalize the registration in one of our Sport Points by paying the registration fee;
4) before the start of the competitions all players must have the new 2019/2020 Sport Card complete with medical examination with ECG.

Registration fees per person:
€ 10 until 02/18
€ 14 until 27/03
€ 18 until 06/03

Including adidas official kit and 3 guaranteed games!

For Information:


Politecnico di Milano Championships - Students Winter Cup 2019: finals in sight!

The Finals of the IX edition of the Politecnico di Milano Championships are just over a month away.
There are only 6 teams left in the game that on Wednesday 26 February, at Crespi Sport Village, will compete for the title of degree course’ champion!
Let's find out the finalists:
- 5-a-side football: Deportivo Aperitivo (Automation Engineering) and Paris San Gennar (Energy Engineering)
- Volley 6vs6: Team Ballo (Mechanical Engineering) and Boella Dortmund (Management Engineering)
- Basket 3vs3: Say goodbye to Andonio Spur (Mechanical Engineering) and I Flippati (Management Engineering)
We are waiting for you to cheer on your course of study!
Schedules and match details on the site www.sport.polimi.it



Running - Politecnico di Milano: train again with us

Running two PolimiRun per year is not enough to be a real PolimiRunner, at Politecnico you can run all year with Running Polimi: organized trainings and free running reserved for students and employees of our University.

The trainings will be back on February 25th, are you ready?

Train with your classmates and with the support of a professional coach, on the athletics track of the Giuriati Sports Center in Via Pascal 6 in Milan, at 7.30 am or 1 pm of every Tuesday and Thursday.

And – only for students - there is also an evening appointment (6 pm) and it’s free; to help you train there will be our students of athletic group!

Sport Card 2019/2020 is mandatory to enter the Giuriati and also to take part in the workouts. 

Info about Sport membership
The Politecnico Sport Card has a cost of € 20: to register, just go to the Giuriati's reception (from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm) with an italian medical certificate with electrocardiogram and a document declaring your subscription to Politecnico, or you can follow the online procedure you find by clicking here.

If you do not have the certificate, the medical examination is free! You can book it directly at the Giuriati reception or online.

If you prefer to run by yourself, the athletics track of Giuriati is waiting for you: train in complete freedom, it is needed - as always - the Sport Card.

For information:


Opportunities and benefits

Axepta. Future Store - Experience More

Deadline applications: 5 April 2020

Axepta is looking for the best startups that offer technological solutions and innovative ideas capable of improving the shopping and payment experience in the retail sector, with a significant impact in the world of Acquiring and Digital Payment. The initiative aims to support the selected entrepreneurial teams in identifying and developing a business case that is coherent and can be integrated with Axepta's value proposition, making available resources and functional capabilities for the realization of the concept and the activation of a possible partnership commercial with Axepta, dedicated to the Merchant segment.

The initiative is aimed at startups set up by December 31, 2019.

For information and registrations:


IP EXPERIENCE - Intellectual Property EXperiential PrOgram

Intellectual property training and dissemination program co-financed by the European Union Intellectual Property Office-EUIPO, aims to disseminate the basic concepts of Intellectual Property to university students and startuppers and to raise awareness of the importance of respecting the IP rights of others in the context of creative and highly technological startups. The IP program is made up of a series of meetings in which the participation of international academic, business and influencer experts is expected.

Next event: 7 April 2020

For information and registrations:


Open Lab Smart Home – Time to HACK!

24-25 February 2020
IoT Lab, Bovisa Campus

Are you passionate about IoT? Do you spend your free time fiddling with electronic devices? Are you a software developer, passionate about C ++, Java, Python or other languages? Student, graduate or passionate, this is the challenge for you!
Take part in "Open Lab Smart home - Time to HACK!" and test yourself in one of the most dynamic and innovative contexts in the IoT world: the Smart Home. Free your creativity: make smart home objects talk to each other using over 30 multi-brand devices and related product-clouds to build new scenarios, use-cases and experiences.
The best projects will be selected and accompanied along a development path towards the implementation of a proof-of-concept, with the support of 8 leading sector companies and Politecnico di Milano.
The top 3 teams will be rewarded with smart home devices and gadgets for a total value of over € 3,000.
The ideas developed will remain property of the proposers, who may eventually propose them on the market with the support of our partner companies.

Participation is free.

For registration:
For information:


Passion in Action courses

Politecnico offers you a new opportunity to enrich your cultural, professional and personal background thanks to teaching paths beyond curricular activities, which are in any case recognized and mentioned on the Diploma Supplement.

The webpage "Passion in action" is the catalog of open participation teaching activities offered to Politecnico students as a support to develop transversal, soft and social skills. It is also aimed at encouraging and facilitating your interests and personal aptitudes.

You can register to all the activities published in the catalog, choosing among the various subjects, even if the topics are different from your study programme.

The page is not static, it is always updated with new courses and opportunities. I suggest you to check it often in order to find the activities that better fit for you.

Next courses:









Video Contest U-MOB LIFE Deadline

Warning! The video contest U-MOB Life is ending soon!
It’s your last chance to give free reign to your creativity and have your say on accessibility and mobility at Politecnico di Milano! 

Take part in the contest by sending your short clip before 29th February 2020 at ssacompetition@polimi.it, you could win a prize worth 500€.

Discover the full regulation on the Campus Sostenibile website.