15th May 2018
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Date Event Deadline for registration
 Switch2Product 15 July
29 MayLa mobilità del futuro: sostenibile, autonoma e connessa 
29 MayTake part in "Science and Diplomacy for the Planet" 
30 MaySkyward: PCB Design with Altium Designer 
30 MaySITPolimi hosts "The Social-tech firms trend: a social innovation technology driven" 
31 MaySix Technologies To Improve Life on Earth 
From 31 May to 04 JuneESN - Puglia Trip29 May
02 JuneLibraries closing on Saturday 2nd June, due to national holiday 
03 JuneESN - How to Cook01 June
09 JunePolimiOpenLabs on the occasion of Energy Festival 2018 


News from the students’ representatives

2 MINUTES - Svoltastudenti

Our students' rapresentative Alessandro De Iasio e Carlo Giovani will tell us in just 2 minutes the main news of the last month. They will speak about study room, academic calendar, financial statement of 2017, services and exoneration

For information


Have you heard about it? - Newsletter di Lista Aperta

What is the Lista Aperta Team doing? What are the news of the last period and what the future dates with your representatives? Just e-mail us if you want to subscribe to our newsletter and be always updated. May newsletter is available on our website!

For information
e-mail: segreteria.listaperta@gmail.com



Arte e Scienza – La sostenibilità del cibo

25 May 2018
De Donato Room, Leonardo Campus

Arte e Scienza is a series of events, where protagonists of the Italian and of the international artistic and scientific culture meet professors of Politecnico di Milano. The aim is to highlight the close link between creativity and technology, memory and traditions, and to investigate their impact on present and past scenarios of the world of work.

Davide Oldani, Chef
Maurizio Masi, Head of the Department of civil and environmental engineering, Politecnico di Milano

The event will be held in Italian.

For registration:


For a culture that is respecinclusive of differences (in Italian)

16 May 2018
from 14:00 to 18:30
Auditorium Via Pascoli, 53 - Leonardo Campus

Deadline for registration: 14 May 2018

The event will be held in Italian. See the event link for more information.

For information:
e-mail: info@poliedro-polimi.it


Incontro con l’autore – Alessandro Robecchi

17 May 2018
at 18:00
De Donato Room - Leonardo Campus

For the cycle “Incontro con l’autore” the next event will be with Alessandro Robecchi, journalist and television author. The author will present his latest book “Follia Maggiore”, a thriller set in Milan where two couples of strange detectives investigate the same crime.

The events will be held in Italian.

For Information:


La mobilità del futuro: sostenibile, autonoma e connessa

29 May 2018
at 12:15
Carassa Dadda Room, Building BL28, via Lambruschini, 4 

Lectio Magistralis:

Ing. Daniele Schillaci
Alumnus Polimi,
Executive Vice President, Global Marketing and Sales,
Zero Emission Vehicle and Battery Business
Chairman of Management Committee for Japan,
Asia, Oceania Business
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd

The event will be held in italian.

From 14.30 at the Eliporto, the participants will be able to take part at the TEST DRIVE of the new Nissan LEAF, the 100% electric car with advanced assistance technologies at the «ProPilot» guide, upon registration at this link

For information:


Little England – Polimi International Film Festival

16 May 2018
at 17:00
Educafè Room - Leonardo Campus

Little England
Grecia 2013, Directed by Pantelis Voulgaris. With Pinelopi Tsilika, Sofia Kokkali, Aneza Papadopoulou.
Runtime 132 minutes.

The action takes place on the island of Andros in the late 30s, early 40s. Orsa, 20 years old, is deeply in love with lieutenant Spyros Matabes, but she has never revealed her secret to anybody. Moscha, instead, dreams of leaving Andros and escaping women’s fate of marrying sailors, who are usually away from their families. Their mother Mina wants her daughters to make wealthy marriages and, without considering their feelings, arranges their marriages. As a result, Orsa gets married to captain Nikos Vatokouzis and Moscha to Spyros. The two women live in the family’s home and the forbidden love will harm their lives.

Won Shanghai International Film Festival 2014.

“A woman’s picture in the most positive sense of the word, a handsomely mounted and impeccably acted film”. Boyd van Hoeij, Hollywood Reporter

Original language with English subtitles – free event upon registration.

For information and registration:


PolimiOpenLabs on the occasion of Energy Festival 2018

9 June 2018
at 10:30
Department of Energy BL. 25, via Lambruschini 4

On the occasion of the ENERGY FESTIVAL 2018, it will be possible to visit the laboratories of the Department of Energy.

Visitors will be able to learn more about 6000 m2 of infrastructure (including a bunker for irradiation and a bunker for studies on hydrogen, CO2 and production of synthetic fuels), dedicated to nuclear research and energy-chemical research.
In particular, the open laboratories will be: MRT Fuel Cell Lab and Lab Micro-cogeneration

For information and registration:


Six Technologies To Improve Life on Earth

31 May 2018
Aula L.13, Building B12, Bovisa La Masa Campus

Danielle Wood leads the Space Enabled research group at the MIT Media Lab, where she works to tear down the barriers that limit the benefits of space exploration to only the few, the rich or the elite. She identifies six technologies developed for space exploration that can contribute to sustainable development across the world — from observation satellites that provide information to aid organizations to medical research on microgravity that can be used to improve health care on Earth. “Space truly is useful for sustainable development for the benefit of all peoples,” Wood says



Sustainable Development Festival

22 May – 7 June 2018

The second edition of Sustainable Development Festival organized by ASviS will be held from May 22nd to June 7th 2018. Promoted by RUS - The Network of Universities for Sustainable Development.
The Politecnico di Milano, together with the Università degli Studi di Milano, takes part in the Festival with a rich program of events (seminars, recitals, shows, concerts, practical demonstrations and interactive activities, etc.) aiming to draw attention to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) signed by UN General Assembly in September 2015.
Meetings are free with online registration.
The General Program and detailed programs, such as the registration forms of each event will be available within May 18, at www.campus-sostenibile.polimi.it.
Join us with your friends!
For further informations please write to: serviziosostenibilita@polimi.it


TEDxPolitecnicodiMilanoU 2018 – Periferie (Periphery)

18 May 2018
at 15:00
Auditorium Politecnico di Milano, via Pascoli 53

The theme of this third edition of TEDxPolitecnicodiMilanoU 2018 is: PERIFERIE (Periphery)

Among the speakers: Francesco Bruschi, Elio De Capitani, Giulia Ghiretti, Ruggero Giuliani, Alessandra Gorini, Made 514, Claudia Parzani, Gabriele Pasqui, Cristina Tajani.

The event will be held in italian.

For information and registration:


Students initiatives

Biomedical Stand

22 May 2018
from 12:00 to 15:00
Terrazza Gardella (sopra l'acquario) - Leonardo Campus

Are you attending the master in Biomedical Engineering? Do you know that there is an association just for you? Come and meet us! Discover the events that BEA - Biomedical Engineering Association, organized in May! If you are already a member, take the opportunity to visit us and sign up for the fantastic BEA grill!

For information:


Conference "Ethics + Aesthetics = Sustainable fashion"

21 May 2018
L05, Bovisa La Masa Campus

Fashion is the world’s most polluting industry, second only to oil. It generates annually tons of waste and it forces workers to unfair conditions in order to keep the price of garments as low as possible. This event will be an opportunity to deepen sustainability issues related to the fashion industry, to become more aware consumers. It will be a chance to meet examples of ethic and innovative brands that pursue sustainable missions without sacrificing aesthetics values.

For information
phone: 3394579580


Design For Dummies

22 May 2018
from 17:00 to 20:00
Aula Rogers, Campus Leonardo

Have you ever heard about designers? Do you know what do they do? Would you like to discover something new about graphic and communication design? Don't worry, Design For Dummies is what you need! A conference with four experts ready to teach you how design could improve your academic and working career. Follow our facebook page and stay tuned!

For information
e-mail: info@JEMP.it


ESN - How to Cook

3 June 2018
at 9:30

Deadline for registration: 1 June 2018

ESN Politecnico Milano will transform into a professional cuisine school! We will have the chance to make very Italian recipes and you will have the chance to learn how to cook delicious food.

For information:
e-mail: info@esnpolimi.it


ESN - Last Supper

23 May 2018
from 12:00 to 15:00
Deadline for registration: 22 May 2018

ESN Politecnico Milano brings you to visit one of the biggest art masterpiece, Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci. It is kept here in Milan in the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie.

For information
e-mail: info@esnpolimi.it


ESN - Puglia Trip

From 31 May 2018 to 4 June 2018
Deadline for registration: 29 May 2018

We don't want you to miss the chance to know some of the most beautiful places close to the Mediterrean Sea: beatiful beaches, astonishing villages close to the sea, typical apulian cuisine. Join us from 31st of May to 4th of June to discover Alberobello, Castellana and more!

For information
e-mail: info@esnpolimi.it


SITPolimi hosts "The Social-tech firms trend: a social innovation technology driven"

30 May 2018
from 16:00 to 18:00
Aula Rogers - Leonardo Campus

Social-tech, high-tech enterprises aimed at solving a social problem, are the focus of this debate. To clarify their origin, trends and real applications we will talk with the Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano and Foodchain, an Italian startup that aims to make the entire agricultural supply chain traceable and controlled, thanks to blockchain technology.

For information:
phone: 3409385983
e-mail: sitpolimi@gmail.com


Skyward: PCB Design with Altium Designer

30 May 2018
from 18:15 to 20:15
Aula IV - Edificio 11, Campus Leonardo

Skyward’s Team presents a workshop on PCB design using the industry-renowned software Altium Designer. The workshop will cover all the steps of a PCB design, starting from the specs definition, down to the schematics; the circuit will then be imported onto a PCB, and the output files for production will be generated. All parts will be enriched with examples and case studies from the systems realized for the Rocksanne 2-Alpha mission of the Skyward Experimental Rocketry Team. Register here: bit.ly/2KUWCTJ

For information
e-mail: info@skywarder.eu


Take part in "Science and Diplomacy for the Planet"

29 May 2018
Aula Beltrami, Leonardo Campus

On the occasion of the Festival of Sustainable Development 2018, MSOImilano and Resilient G.A.P. will held a simulation of the COP, the international conference on climate change, open to all students.
In the morning two speeches will introduce the participants to the science and geopolitics of the environmental issue: the first one by Giovanna Adinolfi, professor of international law at Università degli Studi di Milano, the second one by Stefano Caserini, professor of Climate Change Mitigation at the Politecnico di Milano and coordinator of the RUS team on climate change.
In the afternoon will take place a simulation - as a role-playing game - where the participants will represent the different coalitions present at the UN conferences, pursuing both their national objectives and achieving a global agreement that respects the terms set at COP21 in Paris. The collaboration between MSOI and Resilient aims to combine legal-diplomatic and technical-scientific aspects in an unprecedented activity and a unique experience. The event will be implemented with a minimum of 25 participants.
Registration for the event is free. Registration on: www.campus-sostenibile.polimi.it/festivalss2018 starting from May 16th.


We are looking for people!

23 May 2018
from 18:15 to 20:00
Aula S.1.1., Leonardo Campus

Teatro delle Biglie invites all those interested in a meeting of the managing group. If you want to propose new ideas, have participated in interesting theater lessons and want to share your experience or simply are interested in understanding what is behind our association, we are waiting for you!

For information
e-mail: info@teatrodellebiglie.org


Cultural Activities

Arena di Verona - Opera Festival

As part of a collaboration between Politecnico di Milano and Fondazione Arena di Verona, special rates for Universities for the tickets of the Opera Festival 2018 are available.

All informations are provided in the website:


Special offers for theatres and concerts - May

For more details on shows and on how to purchase the tickets, please refer to the attachment.

We remind you that if you want to receive special offers and last minute updates on Polimi cultural events, please join the mailing list "Last Minute" by sending an email to serviziocultura@polimi.it.



POLITAMTAM_MAGGIO_2018.pdf [439.661 KB]


News from Libraries

BIB closing on Sunday 20th May

On Sunday 20th May the Bovisa La Masa library will be closed due to a necessary interruption in power supply in the building.



Course: The bibliographic citations and the management of the bibliography

23 May 2018 - Leonardo Campus, Educafè, Building 2 - 9.30 - 12.30
25 May 2018 - La Masa Campus, Energy Department, Building BL25 - ground floor - 9.30 - 12.30

The course will be held in Italian language

How to cite the sources: books, articles, online resources, websites….
Citation styles: methods most in use (author-date system ; numbered system)
Refworks, a software to manage the bibliography: how to organize and create your own personal archive of bibliographic records; how to format citations  and bibliographies in a wide variety of styles.

go to www.biblio.polimi.it/en/courses-and-tutorials/courses/ and use the form at the link next to date of the course.
Registrations are closing as soon as the maximum number of participants is reached.
We recommend to bring your mobile device and connect to the University's secure wireless network.



Libraries closing on Saturday 2nd June, due to national holiday

All the libraries will be closed on Saturday 2nd June.
On Sunday 3rd June the Leonardo Campus Library and the Bovisa La Masa Library will be regularly open. The Piacenza Campus Library will be closed.



Sport activities

adidas Runners PolimiRun 2018 – 20th may!

The non competitive and competitive 10 km race organized by Politecnico di Milano is getting closer. We will be over 12,000 to cross the streets of the city on May 20, are you ready?!
If you are enrolled, in these days we are sending you some newsletters containing important information for the day of the race! If you have not received them, please write to polimirun@polimi.it
You can check also the FAQs (answers to frequently asked questions) updated on the website www.polimirun.it to clarify all your doubts.
Also on our Facebook pages we are giving all the useful information to the participants:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/polimisport 
Facebook PolimiRun Event 2018: www.facebook.com/events/189052765011712/
USEFUL INFO: This year, because of the very high number of participants, for logistical and security reasons, it will no longer be possible to carry bags from departure to arrival. Check the email or the FAQs on the website to find out how to deposit your bag the days before the race!



Campionati Polimi 6th edition: finals are getting closer

The sixth edition of Campionati Polimi is up and going, the only challenge among the Politecnico di Milano degree programmes: 104 teams at the starting line, only 3 will remain, the champions!

Which teams will compete during the finals of 6 June in Piazza Leonardo Da Vinci !?
The new Contro Campus is also on stage, the official social magazine of the Campionati, designed to keep you up to date on what is happening on our 5-a-side football, volleyball and basketball fields!
Every week a new release, how? Directly on the stories instagram and on our facebook page, follow us!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/polimisport
Instagram: www.instagram.com/polimisport

e-mail: campionati@polimi.it


Opportunities and benefits


Call for Ideas for all students and PhD candidates

Deadline for registration: 21 May 2018

Politecnico di Milano and Ubeeqo organize a Call for Ideas open to all POLIMI’s students and PhD candidates for a project of Guerrilla Marketing around the Ubeeqo’s car parks located near the Milan headquarters of Bovisa and Città Studi campuses.
Appliers could submit their idea of "station based" stalls able to better communicate the principles of sustainable mobility.
The best project could be realized by Ubeeqo and the winners will enjoy three free weekends with an Ubeeqo’s car. The second and third projects also will be awarded.

For information:


Decathlon University Card

Politecnico of Milano has joined the Decathlon University Card. This will allow the University to acquire points that will be converted into discounts for purchasing equipment linked to sustainable mobility.
For this it is necessary that POLIMI students (such as teachers and employers) associate their Decathlon loyalty card with the card of the University, communicating their e-mail address and/or exhibiting their badge in one of the many Decathlon points of sale. In this way, for every euro of purchase, the user will receive 1 point and the University 0.5 point.
The points thus accumulated can be used to fit out one or more Bike Repair Stations branded Città Studi Campus Sostenibile.


Developing Entrepreneurial skills

From 16 to 18 May
Milano - PoliHub, Sala Arena, via Durando 38/A

The European Institute for Industrial Leadership invites you to Ent-Ex 2018, this year for the first time in Milan. Students from 18 to 30 years old will have the opportunity to learn from successful entrepreneurs which skills made them successful, to network with like-minded students and showcase their business ideas to potential partners!

For information and registration:


Startup Growth Program: Digital process

17 May 2018
at 15:00 - Sala Arena, PoliHub, via Durando 39 - Bovisa Campus

Digital strategies for the positioning, launch and evolution of start-ups

How can digital help the processes of an entrepreneurial initiative?
Three atypical teachers will tell the story of their digital way of interpreting the market, defining their business positioning and constantly evolving the offer by listening to the target. All this is Twig, a start-up that is not a start-up.

For information and registration:



Deadline for registration: 15 July 2018

Switch2Product is the acceleration program created by PoliHub and the Technology Transfer Office of Politecnico di Milano which enhances innovative solutions and entrepreneurial projects of students, academics, professors and alumni of Politecnico di Milano.

The main goals are to foster the technology transfer and to develop the entrepreneurial culture within Politecnico di Milano.

Switch2Product is powered by the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) of Politecnico di Milano, PoliHub Innovation District & Startup Accelerator and Deloitte Italy.

For information and registration:


Theorem – Software & Copyright

22 May 2018
at 14:00 – PoliHub, Sala Arena, via Durando 38/A scala D - Bovisa Campus

The cycle of events on intellectual property of the Theorem program continues! In the second appointment we will address the topic of Software & Copyright protection in the field of ICT inventions.
In the first part, from 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm, experts and professionals in the sector will offer a training session on the intellectual property and the basic concepts of the right of Software and Copyright.
In the second part, from 5:00 pm to 06:30 pm, we will open a moment of discussion and interaction. The debate will be opened by the opinion of a scientific communicator and will continue with the testimonies of companies in the sector and young startuppers.

For information and registration: