16th May 2019
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Date Event Deadline for registration
 The second Open Call of Designscapes is now open!31 May
 Carbon Footprint Challenge07 July
27 MayLGBT + for inclusion: employers’ policies 
28 MayAt theater with La Terna Sinistrorsa! - “Germerolda VIII” 
28 MayLet's talk about STDs - PoliEdro 
28 May - 04 MayCourse “The simple search” 
28 May - 04 MayCourse "The bibliographic citations” – in italian language 
29 MayDesing for Dummies is coming! 
29 MayTo the Galleria del Vento with the Cycling Group 
31 MayConquistati dalla Luna – Patrizia Caraveo 
31 Maynot AM not FM - the POLI.RADIO party 
05 JuneChampionships of Politecnico di Milano – Students Spring Cup 2019 
From 07 to 11 June"Tour between France and Switzerland" - Lista Aperta 
From 08 to 09 JuneInnovathon: a Marathon of ideas for Leonardo 
14 JunePoliLC Beach Volley VII25 May
From 03 to 14 JulyLive the emotions of a great international sport event! 


News from the students’ representatives


Two long and troubled years have passed. In collaboration with our representatives, we have always worked the best and we have believed that every single idea could be realized. We terminate this cycle with great enthusiasm and satisfaction and we are sure that the next elected representatives will do even better than us. A warm thank you to everyone for the past two years and big good luck to the new representatives. “SVOLTASTUDENTI” Team.

For information:
e-mail: info@svoltastudenti.it



ADMO: Sei proprio tu!

From 21 to 23 May 2019
Eliporto Area - Bovisa Campus

Do you know that you can enroll in the Bone Marrow Donor Register in the University?
From Tuesday 21st to Thursday 23rd May, qualified medical and nursing staff will be available to provide all the necessary information, with the possibility of typing and registering directly with the donor register.
Do you know that donating bone marrow is NOT painful?
80% of the cases are donated by apheresis, a procedure similar to plasma or platelet donation and will be carried out only in the case of compatibility.

BOOK YOUR TYPES OF LINK: www.admolombardia.org/form-di-prenotazione/


For more information, please contact ADMO at info@admolombardia.org




admo.pdf [234.517 KB]


Conquistati dalla Luna – Patrizia Caraveo

31 May 2019
at 18.00
Carassa Dadda Room -  Bovisa Campus

Event organized to celebrate the 50th Moon Landing  Anniversary -  - POLImoon

Meeting between Amalia Ercoli Finzi, Honorary Professor of Orbital mechanics of Politecnico di Milano and Patrizia Caraveo, Astrophysicist
will present her last book: "Conquistati dalla Luna.Storia di un’attrazione senza tempo."
The event will be held in Italian

For information and registration:



Election student representatives: final results

On May 14th and 15th 2019 took place the elections of student representatives in the academic bodies of the Politecnico di Milano and in the National Council of University Students (CNSU).

To learn more about final results visit the page:




From 9 May to 7 June 2019

The 6th edition of MantovArchitettura, a cultural project conceived and organized by the Mantova Campus of Politecnico di Milano, within the frame of the activities of the UNESCO Chair Architectural Preservation and Planning in World Heritage Cities.

For information:


Milano Arch Week 2019 – Antropocene e architettura

Milano Arch Week, 21-26 of may, is a week of lectures, conversations, workshops, and itineraries on the main challenges of contemporary urban transformations.
Milano Arch Week explores the future of architecture and cities through a polyphony of voices: architects, urban planners, landscape designers, scientists, philosophers, artists, and curators from all over the world. Free admission.

For information:


Piano City 2019: Avatar Piano Project

19 May 2019
at 16:00, 18:00 and 20:00
Laboratorio Grandi Infrastrutture - Building B23 - Bovisa Campus

For the Piano City 2019, the Politecnico di Milano hosts an interactive multimedia concert in collaboration with the LWT3 Society of Milan, which is part of the DMEC's Cultura Meccanica project, entitled "AVATAR PIANO PROJECT" by Giusy Caruso.

For information:


Sustainable Development Festival 2019

From 21 May to 6 June 2019

The annual Sustainable Development Festival is the greatest event in Italy completely dedicated to the 2030 Agenda and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. As usual, Politecnico di Milano will take part to the initiative and many events are planned for the Festival, which will last 17 days. The programme will be soon available, visit the Campus Sostenibile website for updates! www.campus-sostenibile.polimi.it


From the Career Service

LGBT + for inclusion: employers’ policies

Monday 27th May 2019
from 5 p.m to 8 p.m.
Leonardo Career Lab, basement floor, Building 2 - Leonardo Campus

The gender identity is getting more and more important in our society What are companies doing to facilitate the inclusion in the work life? Take part to LGBTI + for inclusion: employers’ policies and you can find out! The event is a round table where some  managers will talk about policies of companies they work for. Igor Suran, Executive Director of Parks- Liberi e Uguali, will moderate the meeting. In the end, after the speeches, there will be held and interesting networking moment, during which you can chat individually and friendly with managers.
With the participation of Student Association Poliedro. The event is limited to max 60 students. Career Service will confirm your participation via email.

For information and registration:


Networking Happy Hour for Management Engineering Students

Monday 20th May
from 4 p.m to 7 p.m
Building BL28 - Bovisa Campus

Are you attending the last year of Management Engineering Master’s Degree and you want to get ready for your future?
Do it at your best! Take part to the event Happy Hour for Management Engineers and in a friendly way you can talk to HR representatives and to managers coming from some important companies who are looking for profiles like yours. They will give precius information to you about the open positions, the job roles and career opportunities, employment contracts. Moreover they will give you important tips about to prepare the best you can.Sign up, don’t miss this exclusive networking moment!
The places are limited. Career Service will confirm your participation via email.

For information and registrations:


Take the challenge, find out how to solve: IOT cases

Thursday 23th May
from 10:00 to 15:00
Chiostro edificio 4 - Leonardo Campus

Find out where and how Internet of Things is mostly used! Utilities, healthcare, production and public administration are just few sectors where technology innovation is increasing its relevance. By participating in the event, you will meet companies that link digital and web world with real, even everyday, objects and make easier arrangements for monitoring and data collection. You will have the chance to experience cases linked to SMART CITY, SMART GRID, and INDUSTRY 4.0, chosen for you by the company managers.
Take the challenge: if you are a student or a graduate in Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, Design don’t hesitate to sign up!

For information and registration:


Students initiatives

Python Courses 2019

16 - 17 May 2019
from 17:15 to 19:15
Room 5.0.2 - S.0.5 - Leonardo Campus

POuL organizes 4 days dedicated to Python: a language easy to learn but with plenty of development application areas.

For information:


Workshop SDR

22 - 23 May 2019
from 17:15 to 19:15
S.1.5 - S.1.3 -  Leonardo Campus

Deadline for registration: 22 May 2019

POuL reorganizes the Software Defined Radio workshop, you will learn how to use these fantastic multifrequency receivers.

For information:


"Tour between France and Switzerland" - Lista Aperta

From 7 to 11 June 2019
Francia e Svizzera

The trip offers a tour of the major French works of master Le Corbusier and of some contemporary architects who have worked in Switzerland. We will move by coach, with very intense days full of intriguing stops. Anyway, during the trip there will be much free time to spend in the amazing locations we will visit. We're waiting for you!

For information and registration:


50th anniversary Stonewall - PoliEdro

From 20 to 24 May 2019
BL27 Bovisa Campus e Building 2  Leonardo Campus

The Pride is a joyful manifestation, that takes place in June in thousands of cities around the world, to speak about rights, self-affirmation and freedom of the LGBTI+ community. But how did this really important pride march begin? And why in June? To answer to this question, 6 roll-ups will be in BL27 in Bovisa and building 2 in Leonardo from 20 to 24 of May, representing the years of fights and liberation of the LGBTI+ movement in the world. Initiative made possible due to a contribution from the Politecnico di Milano.

For information:
e-mail: info@poliedro-polimi.it


At theater with La Terna Sinistrorsa! - “Germerolda VIII”

28 May
at 20:45
De Donato room, Building 3 - Leonardo Campus

Tired of the usual TV series? Do you want to watch something different in the evening, but going to the theatre is too expensive? We can't take you to the theatre, but we can bring the theatre to you (say). The Terna Sinistrorsa also organizes this year a review of civil theatre inside the Poli! Admission is free! The sixth show will be "Germerolda VIII" with the Teatro delle Biglie: a work freely inspired by the work of Kafka and on themes such as the alienation, impotence and loneliness of man in the world in which he lives, the feeling of estrangement and fundamental incommunicability.

For information:
e-mail: info@ternasinistrorsa.it


Desing for Dummies is coming!

29 May 2019
from 17:00 to 20:00
Aula Auditorium
Campus Leonardo

Do you think design is only about physical products? Would you like to know more about graphic and visual communication? Join us for the second edition of Design for Dummies: a conference in which design experts will show you how to improve your academic and working career, with dynamic and entertaining speeches! Follow our Facebook page and stay tuned!

For information:


Fondazione Prada visit with ESN

23 May 2019
Fondazione Prada

We’ll go visit Fondazione Prada, an amazing piece of architecture by OMA group and Rem Koolhaas, hosting masterpieces of contemporary art in exhibitions thought by the most important curators.

For information:


From the Ashes - La Terna Sinistrorsa

16 May
at 18:15
Room IV, building 11- Leonardo Campus

La Terna Sinistrorsa, in collaboration with the National Geographic, presents a new projection: the film “From the Ashes”, which deals with topics like the life of the communities dependent on coal and the effects that this proximity has generated on them. Afterwards, there will be a brief debate to discuss the social and environmental topics covered in the documentary. The film will be screened in Italian with English subtitles.

For information:
e-mail: info@ternasinistrorsa.it


Let's talk about STDs - PoliEdro

28 May 2019
from 18:15 to 20:15
Bovisa La Masa Campus

How much do you know about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)? In partnership with LILA (Italian League for Fighting against AIDS) we'll have a conference (in Italian) and we’ll talk about what STDs are, how to prevent them and what to do if one thinks one got infected. The talk is thought especially for those who know little about STDs, and for those who do know something, but their information needs updating: LILA’s volunteers will explain everything with a simple language, busting myths on these diseases few people are aware of.

For information:
e-mail: info@poliedro-polimi.it


Loneliness - PoliEdro

17th May 2019
from 18:15 to 20:15
Campus Leonardo

Very often we neglect loneliness, which is never easy to face or even to be recognized. How many times we think that "it's just a phase" or that "we don't deserve that company". But this can have deep roots, and to try to clarify ideas, we invite you to an open discussion about this topic, with a psychologist as a guest, which will be there to listen and to give precious advice.

For information:
e-mail: info@poliedro-polimi.it


not AM not FM - the POLI.RADIO party

31 May
from 16:00 to 20:30
Building 9A - Leonardo Campus

The POLI.RADIO party is back, in the court of our studios for the first time! Join us to learn about our activities, spending a different after a lesson with our music. On this occasion, we'll set up an OpenRadio desk so anyone can be part of our shows! Can't wait to see you!



PoliLC Beach Volley VII

14th June 2019
from 09:00 to 21:00
G.S. Sala al Barro (Galbiate)

Deadline for registration: 25 May 2019

Finally, the SEVENTH edition of the Beach Volleyball Tournament of the Polo di Lecco returns by Svoltastudenti! A day dedicated to sports, BBQ, and fun before the stressful summer session!96 seats are available for the tournament, consisting of 16 teams of up to 6 members each (4 holders + 2 change). The two fields are located at the GS Sala al Barro (Galbiate), with the area for grilling. REGISTRATION OPEN!

For information:
phone: +393276684430
e-mail: laura.olivastri@svoltastudenti.it


Sahaja Yoga al Polimi - La Terna Sinistrorsa

16 - 23 - 30 May from 18:30 to 20:00 - B.2.2 room -  Leonardo Campus

21 - 28 May from 18:30 to 20:00 - B2.2.14 room -  Bovisa Durando Campus

The stress of the exams and study strikes hard at the Polytechnic, for this reason, we offer a free Sahaja Yoga meditation course to experience joy and harmony; get peace and satisfaction; increase safety and self-esteem; improve concentration and creativity; balance emotions, mind and body.

For information:
e-mail: sahajacourse@gmail.com


This time I'm voting! - Svoltastudenti

20 May 2019
Campus Leonardo

Following the international campaign for Eurpean Elections of 2019, we present a public debate between the youngest candidates in our district of the most influential political parties. The discussion will be centred, for once, on young citizens and partys' ideas for this target.

For information:
phone: 3338293949
e-mail: ennio.visconti@svoltastudenti.it


Cultural Activities

Special offers for theatres and concerts - May

For more details on shows and on how to purchase the tickets, please refer to the attachment.

We remind you that if you want to receive special offers and last minute updates on Polimi cultural events, please join the mailing list "Last Minute" by sending an email to serviziocultura@polimi.it.

- Genitori in affitto
- Spie in missione

- GIANLUCA IMPASTATO in Il più grande mago del mondo
- MAURIZIO COLOMBI in CAVEMAN – L’uomo delle caverne
- ENRICO BERTOLINO e LUCA BOTTURA in Interessa l’articolo?

- Il piacere dell’onestà
- La purezza e il compromesso.
- Per strada
- Tango glaciale reloaded (1982 – 2018)
- Kaddish
- Beauty Dark Queen 
- Diamoci un tono – A special night

- Il dissoluto punito ossia il Don Giovanni
- Parenti serpenti

- I ragazzi che si amano
- Settimo cielo
- Luciano


- Le mille e una notte di SHEHERAZADE
- Titanic Live - in Concerto
- L’ Elisir d'amore. Una fabbrica di idee

- Rafal Blechacz pianoforte
- Cuarteto Casals
- Seong-Jin Cho pianoforte

- La Commedia della Vanità


- ZERO Dal post-globale al post-sperimentale
- Rimini Protokoll (Stefan Kaegi) / Thomas Melle Uncanny Valley
- Compagnie Didier Théron LA GRANDE PHRASE + AIR
- Bonobo Tú Amarás
- Cristian Chironi Milano Drive
- Giulio Boato Theatron. Romeo Castellucci
- Agrupación Señor Serrano Kingdom
- Alex Cecchetti Walking Backwards
- Alessandro Sciarroni HISTORY OF TOUCHES
- Ivana Müller Hors-Champ
- Deflorian/Tagliarini Scavi

- Tutto quello che volete
- Io, Vincent Van Gogh

- Ritratti d’Autore 74ª Stagione Sinfonica dell’Orchestra I Pomeriggi Musicali

- La guerra di Goldoni
- Ah-Um Milano Jazz festival: Beppe Servillo, Javier Girotto e Natalio Mangalavite.
- Sogno di una notte di mezza estate

- Una storia naturale
- Romeo e Giulietta
- Lenny Bruce

- Trattoria Menotti

- Audio video Memory Experience 
- Book-show: Enzo Gentile presenta Enciclopedia del Pop-Rock
- Storie da Bar: Qui e ora residenza teatrale in Saga Salsa
- Quella volta che Ulisse

- In riva al mare
- Seme di Mela


politamtam_maggio_aggiornamento.pdf [152.008 KB]


News from Libraries

Course "The bibliographic citations” – in italian language

May 28th - Leonardo Campus Library, Building 11, basement, from 1.30 pm to 2.45 pm
June 4th - Bovisa Candiani Library - Building B1,1st floor, from 1.30 pm to 2.45 pm

You can learn:
•    how to cite the sources:books, articles, online resources, websites….
•    citation styles: methods most in use (author-date system ; numbered system)
•    Refworks, a software to manage the bibliography: how to organize and create your own personal archive of bibliographic records; how to format citations and bibliographies in a wide variety of styles.
To register go to www.biblio.polimi.it/en/courses-and-tutorials/courses/ and fill in the form that you find next to the date of the course.
Registrations close when the maximum number of participants is reached.
We recommend to bring your mobile device and connect to the University's secure wireless network.

For information:


Course “The simple search”

May 28th - Leonardo Campus Library, Building 11, basement, from 3 pm to 5 pm
June 4th - Bovisa Candiani Library - Building B1,1st floor, from 3 pm to 5 pm

You will learn the the best strategies to find the documents that you need and to made researches on a specific topic, using the research tools and the electronic resources.
To register go to www.biblio.polimi.it/en/courses-and-tutorials/courses/ and fill in the form that you find next to the date of the course chosen.
Registrations close when the maximum number of participants is reached.
We recommend to bring your mobile device and connect to the University's secure wireless network.

For information:


Sport activities

PolimiRun Spring 2019: Sunday May 19th we will be 15,000 running for the Milan of the future!

Adidas Runners PolimiRun Spring 2019 is sold out: thanks to all our PolimiRunners!

In 15,000 we will run on Sunday 19 May from the Bovisa la Masa campus to the Leonardo Campus in a 10 km course made of sport, fun and the desire to be together.
The funds raised from enrollments will be used for the construction of the new Politecnico Campus of Architecture: the project - born from an idea of Renzo Piano - does not only include new classrooms and new work, study and leisure spaces for the students of the our University, but it also aims to build a new portion of the city with innovative living spaces open to citizens.

If you are not able to register, you can still pass by the Village of Piazza Leonardo Da Vinci, which will be open starting on Friday 17. On Friday and Saturday many surprises await you, including the temporary store of the Politecnico di Milano Official Merchandise, the gazebos of the race partner with dedicated activities, the Poli.Radio students and animation (Friday and Saturday) and much more.

In addition there will be workshops, with free participation, organized by adidas Runners with City Zen trainers:
FRI 17/05 - 13.00 | SAT 18/05 - 11.30 am | Workshop: Breath Program
FRI 17/05 - 18.00 | SAT 18/05 - 12.30 | Workshop: Deep Stretching

And of course, don't miss the big party in the Piazza on race day, with the music of RDS 100% Grandi Successi radio, special guests, gifts from the Politecnico Official Merchandise and much more!
The Politecnico community is waiting for you, don't miss it!

For information:


Championships of Politecnico di Milano – Students Spring Cup 2019

The June, 5th Finals are approaching! We already know the semi-finalists of basketball and volleyball, while for those of 5-a-side football we will have to wait for the verdicts from the C.S. Giuriati fields. Numerous degree courses are still in play that will fight for the title of Champion.
Keep following us on the Polimi Sport social networks!

For information:


Live the emotions of a great international sport event!

The 2019 Naples Summer Universiade is approaching, it will be held in different cities of Campania from the 3rd to the 14th of July.
This is the largest multi-sport event in the world, second only to the Summer Olympics, it is an excellent opportunity to enhance and promote the fundamental role of sport in university education. If you are passionate about sport, if you want to experience the behind the scenes of a great event, if you want to spend an alternative summer and make new encounters in the beautiful Campania region, apply as a volunteer to actively participate in the 2019 Summer Universiade. You will have the official uniform of the Univerisade and many other benefits!

Find out more on the official website and submit your application following this link:


To the Galleria del Vento with the Cycling Group

29 May 2019

PoliMi Cycling Group invites you to The Galleria del Vento!

It will be a wonderful opportunity to know the importance of the aerodynamics in cycling and discover THE CHARM OF THE WIND TUNNEL (Via La Masa 34, Milano).
The program of the day:
- 8.45am: Meeting
- 9.00am - 10.00am: Lesson on the aerodynamics of the racing bike held by prof. Belloli.
- 10.30am - 12.30pm: Tests in the Wind Tunnel.
- 12:30pm - 13:30pm : Lunch
- 13:30pm - 17:30pm : Tests in the Wind Tunnel.

To better manage the day we ask you to fill in the questionnaire that you find at this link: docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeO3SgCR4thKTufatpq7MqcSsxiyYYwtvlV1ZGxkAxribp7pQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

To attend the tests at the Wind Tunnel, 6 rounds of up to twenty people will be carried out.

If you'd like riding racing bike with the Cycling group during the weekend, write to our students:
Daniele Giachetti - daniele.giachetti@mail.polimi.it
Amedeo Santini - amedeo.santini@mail.polimi.it


Torneo delle Residenze 2019

Sunday 19 May 2019

The third round of the 2019 Residenze Tournament is coming, which will officially decide the couplings for the semifinals of the three disciplines: 5-a-side football, 6vs6 volley and 3vs3 basketball.
The "runners" of the Residences will compete for running during Polimirun. Continue to follow us and support your Residence!

For information:


Opportunities and benefits

Carbon Footprint Challenge

Deadline for registration: 7 July 2019

Imagine a challenge to reduce the world’s carbon footprint, put your skills in action, meet innovative companies and win up to CHF 10,000!
Curious? Join the Carbon Footprint Challenge 2019!
The CFC19 is an opportunity to share your planet saving ideas and make them a reality.
Do you have an idea? Upload it to the innovation portal, create a team and start developing!
Are you interested but have no idea? Register on the portal, look for an incomplete team or just get inspired!
The top five ideas will be invited to an expenses-paid two-day final event in Zürich where coaches will be available to support the teams until the final pitch. The final prize is 10,000 CHF!
For information and registration:


Innovathon: a Marathon of ideas for Leonardo

8-9 June 2019
PoliHub Milano

Deadline applications: 2nd June, 11:59 pm

Leonardo and PoliHub launch Innovathon, a new technological challenge for university students and recent graduates. Innovathon is a hackathon for university students and recent graduates to create a functioning prototype of an automated driving system. The Leonardo and PoliHub initiative is a two day marathon centred on innovation and creativity, where students and recent graduates will assess their problem solving skills through software and electronics challenges.

For information and registration:


Passion in Action courses

Politecnico offers you a new opportunity to enrich your cultural, professional and personal background thanks to teaching paths beyond curricular activities, which are in any case recognized and mentioned on the Diploma Supplement.

The webpage "Passion in action" is the catalog of open participation teaching activities offered to Politecnico students as a support to develop transversal, soft and social skills. It is also aimed at encouraging and facilitating your interests and personal aptitudes.

You can register to all the activities published in the catalog, choosing among the various subjects, even if the topics are different from your study programme.

The page is not static, it is always updated with new courses and opportunities. I suggest you to check it often in order to find the activities that better fit for you.

Next courses:










Switch2Product 2019 - Welcome Event

17 May 2019
at 03:00 pm
Aula Magna - Leonardo Campus

Deadline for registration: 30 June 2019

Switch2Product is the program that enhances innovative solutions, new technologies and business ideas proposed by students, researchers, alumni and professors of Politecnico di Milano offering them economic resources to support technological development and a dedicated business acceleration path.

For information and registration:
www.polihub.it/eventi/switch2product-2019-inaugurazione/ and https://s2p.it/partecipa/


The second Open Call of Designscapes is now open!

Designers and entrepreneurs can present both existing ideas or new solutions for the urbanization challenge. Winners will get a 25.000€ loan for the prototypes of the project. The application is open for people who have already taken part and for new candidates.
The deadline for application is 31st of May 2019.

Information at: designscapes.eu/open-calls/

And congratulations to the 50 winners of the first call of DESIGNSCAPES! Each one will get a 5000€ loan for a feasibility study about their urban innovation idea.
Among them, a Politecnico di Milano student of Architecture and Urban Design.


TIM: Mobile internet offer for students

Don’t you know how to juggle telephone offers? Do you want a high-performance mobile internet line?

Come to discover our special offers dedicated to all students and workers from Politecnico at the Tim Corner situated at the Atrium of Architecture in via Bonardi 2. There you will find every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday,  from 11 am to 15 pm, one Tim Consulent ready to give you a consulting service completely free!
If you want you can book your free appointement with a TIM consulent by calling Politecnico di Milano at +39 3345337788 or by writing an email at tim4polimi@gmail.com
See you soon!

For information: